Unfashionable athletic apparel impedes on fitness goals, according to new study

Unfashionable athletic apparel impedes on fitness goals, according to new study

Americans aren’t working out because they don’t like their gym
clothes. Personal styling service Trunk Club partnered with OnePoll to
conduct a study determining why Americans opt out of exercise – and
apparel plays a major role.

Ninety-two percent of Americans said that they would make more use
out of their gym membership if they had workout clothes they liked,
and 69 percent of respondents shared concerns that others would judge
them for not wearing trendy activewear when exercising.

Most respondents who skip out on their workouts do so because of
their clothing, as 32 percent shared that their dissatisfaction in
their clothing is the reason they avoid the gym and 31 percent skip
the gym because of a lack of clean workout wear. People also reported
missing a workout because they are “not feeling up to it” (30
percent), feeling unwell (29 percent), work stress (29 percent) or
lack of sleep (30 percent).

Trunk Club determined that better styling with activewear can help
Americans reach their fitness goals, as 67 percent of respondents feel
that their current activewear does not meet trends and 71 percent
would make time for exercise if they had better workout clothing. In
fact, 54 percent of respondents said that they have purchased new
clothing to encourage themselves to keep up their exercise

To help consumers reach fitness goals, Trunk Club has launched its
newest featured Trunk with a focus on activewear pieces that are
personalized to each customer’s lifestyle.

“Dressing for a workout should be the least stressful aspect of
fitness. There’s an overwhelming number of activewear brands to choose
from and the options can vary depending on the type of workout you’re
interested in,” Maggie Mee, Trunk Club’s head of merchandising, said
in a statement. “Our stylists work closely with each customer to
identify pieces that fit their lifestyle, budget and fitness

Image: Trunk Club


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