Unemployment falls by 34,000 to 1.3million – the lowest rate since 1974

THE number of people out of work has fallen by 34,000 to 1.3million – the lowest rate of unemployment since 1974.

That’s according to new figures published today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that cover the three months from February to April.

 The number of people out of work has fallen by 34,000 to 1.3million


The number of people out of work has fallen by 34,000 to 1.3millionCredit: Getty – Contributor

This means the unemployment rate is just 3.8 per cent – a figure that hasn’t been lower since 1974.

Unemployment rates have been steadily falling since 2012.

In terms of the number of people in employment, this was up by 32,000 in the three months to April, to 32.75million

The overall employment rate of 76.1 per cent was the joint highest total since records began in 1971.

How to get a pay rise

RECRUITMENT experts reveal their top tips to get a pay rise:

  1. Do your research – find out the market rate for your job role to see if you should be paid more.
  2. Know your worth – have concrete evidence of how you’ve performed.
  3. Timing is key – annual reviews are a good time to ask for pay rises but you may also want to consider the health of the company too.
  4. Be clear and confident – if you don’t know what you want how is your boss expected to work it out.
  5. Learn a new skill – if you’re bringing added value to your role this could make you more valuable.
  6. Go the extra mile – do everything you can to stand out from the crowd.
  7. Include a plan of what you aim to acheive – this shows that you won’t rest on your laurels if you do get a pay rise.
  8. Contact the chief executive – if you’re keen for a pay rise then there’s no harm in going straight to the top.
  9. Consider other options – if a pay rise isn’t available, are there added benefits you could ask for instead, such as flexible working or more holiday?
  10.  Get a new job – if asking for a pay rise doesn’t go to plan then consider moving jobs to get the increase you feel you deserve.
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See Top tips to getting a pay rise for more information.

It also marks the highest ever employment rate for women at 72 per cent.

It’s thought the increase in the employment rate for women in recent years is due partly to the rising state pension age for women, which has resulted in fewer women retiring between the ages of 60 and 65 years.

Matt Hughes, deputy head of labour market statistics at the ONS, said: “With employment growth among women coming from full-timers, the overall gap between men and women in hours worked is now the lowest ever – women now average about three-quarters of men’s weekly hours, compared with around two-thirds 25 years ago.”

Average earnings increased by 3.1 per cent compared to the same period a year ago – although this was a slower increase than last month’s 3.3 per cent rise.

The number of job vacancies for March to May 2019 was 837,000, which was 11,000 more than a year earlier but 12,000 fewer than for the three months to February 2019.

The ONS says the number of vacancies had generally been increasing since 2012, but has been falling since early 2019.

Mr Hughes said: “Overall, the labour market continues to be strong, with employment still at a joint record rate.

“However, while the number of vacancies remains high, it has fallen back slightly from the historic highs seen at the turn of the year.”

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