‘Unbearable’ conditions at Whittington Hospital affecting patient safety, claims Covid-19 nurse


brave nurse on the Covid-19 frontline has described the “unbearable” conditions in an north London hospital as patient numbers continue to rise.

The NHS worker described patients being left in corridors at the Whittington Hospital in Highgate.

Some spent up to three hours in ambulances because of a lack of beds and one was said to have been left without oxygen when their cylinder ran out.

The nurse, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the PA news agency: “I’m worried about patient safety because if these little things are happening now when we’re short and it’s busy, it’s only going to get worse.

“I don’t know what else will happen – it worries me.”

The number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals is at record levels in many areas of England – including London, the South West and the Midlands – with admissions rising above the levels seen during the first wave.

And staff in some hospitals are struggling to cope.

“It’s not having enough nurses to care for patients, patient safety is being affected,” the nurse told PA.

“Some are in corridors, being looked after in makeshift areas, makeshift wards have been created for Covid patients, and ICUs are running out of space.

“Staff have got low morale – we haven’t even gotten over the first wave physically, emotionally and mentally, and now we’re having to deal with this second wave.”

The nurse told PA: “He thought he was receiving oxygen but the whole cylinder had run out.

“Because of staff shortages and because the nurses are tired, no one had checked on him.


Ambulances parked at the Royal London Hospital on New Year’s Day as the spread of the coronavirus continues in London


“He was in a room with an oxygen port on the wall but he was left on a cylinder and no one had gone back to check on him.”

The nurse said colleagues were overstretched as six beds were being put in bays that usually hold four, and they were having to check in on patients in other rooms that were being converted into makeshift wards.

“You’ve got patients in plaster rooms on hospital beds, and patients being left on oxygen in corridors and waiting to be taken back to their room,” the nurse said.

“Over Christmas it was so, so short, and it’s really worrying because patient safety is already being affected.”

The employee said some patients were receiving all their treatment inside the ambulance they arrived in because there was no room for them inside the hospital.

“One paramedic was telling me on Boxing Day they had over 500 calls waiting but he was stuck in our A&E for three hours with a patient in his ambulance.

“It’s these sorts of things that if they continue to happen, it makes me wonder, is somebody going to be harmed because of this?”

With a peak expected in the coming weeks after some families gathered at Christmas, and the potential for damage if people mixed at New Year, the nurse called for the Government to instigate a “complete lockdown”.

The nurse said the public may not be adhering to Covid restrictions as stringently as before, and that it was essential for people to stay home.

“I don’t necessarily blame the public when the messages have been so mixed from this Government,” they told PA.

“But I just want them to hear us and hear what we’re saying because it’s really unbearable.”

A spokesman for Whittington Health NHS Trust said: “Whilst we do not comment on anonymous claims, we take these allegations very seriously.  

“Like the whole NHS, Whittington Health is currently experiencing pressure as a result of a rapid increase in Covid+ patients.  

“However, the safety of our patients remains our top priority and our staff are working tirelessly to ensure that we can continue to provide safe, effective and compassionate care to those who require it.”


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