ULEZ: everything you need to know about London's expanded zone

Owners of historic vehicles, as defined by the government as being at least 40 years old, are exempt from the ULEZ charge, although they will still need to pay the Congestion Charge. Other cars, including those in the disabled passenger vehicle class, also receive discounts or exemptions.

How much does the ULEZ cost?

Cars, motorcycles and vans weighing up to 3.5 tonnes will be charged £12.50 per day, while heavier vehicles, including lorries over 3.5 tonnes and buses or coaches over five tonnes, will be charged £100. This is in addition to the existing Congestion Charge, which rose from £11.50 to £15 on 22 June. That means a London commuter with an affected car could be facing an average annual bill of around £5760 for weekday driving just in congestion and ULEZ fees. Those who do not pay the ULEZ charge by the following evening will receive a penalty notice. 

TfL says fines gained from the ULEZ will be reinvested into improving the transport network, such as cycleways, buses and the tube.

Exemptions for every budget

Skoda Citigo, 2013, £4295

City cars were made with places like London in mind and the Citigo’s 1.0-litre engine is one of the most ULEZ-friendly around. The Citigo was affordable when it launched, and prices have dropped significantly since. We found a 2013 Sport model for £4295. 


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