UK politics poll tracker 2019: Latest results ahead of EU and local elections

The UK is holding two sets of elections in May 2019 that will test how the Brexit chaos is affecting voters.

Millions of people in 248 areas are choosing around 8,300 councillors in the local elections on May 2.

Then the EU elections on May 23 will see 73 hopefuls elected to British seats in the European Parliament.

Both polls are a major test for the Tories and Labour, even if there are different, complex factors affecting each one.

And with Brexit chaos continuing, they could be a precursor to the biggest test of all – a general election.

Our round-up below collates recent results for Westminster voting intention.

It’s not a foolproof guide at all to how local elections might go – but it helps show the general ups and downs of the two main parties as the UK swirls over Brexit.


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