UK government confirms continuation of electric motorcycle grant – Visordown

The UK government has confirmed the electric bike grant will continue, after the similar version for electric cars was cancelled. 

The cancellation of the grant for electric cars was cause for some concern about the future of the electric motorcycle grant, but instead it is now appearing that there is some possibility that the money saved from the scrapping of the car grant could be used in schemes for other modes of transport, as reported by the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF). 

There are a number of reasons behind the continuation of the grants for motorcycles and vans, for example, while the car grant has been scrapped. 

But, the main reason is that people are willing to buy electric cars even without the grant, because they are becoming increasingly popular. The BMF reports that electric car sales make up for a quarter of all car sales in the UK, while for motorcycles the market share is more like five per cent for electrics. 


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