UK election polls: Labour sees big surge of support as Tory advantage shrinks

Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour Party has seen a big surge of support with the Tories advantage shrinking as the parties rally in the last weekend before the general election

Labour made a huge four-point gain from 30 to 36 per cent between December 2 and 5, according to the latest data from Election Maps UK.  

Meanwhile Boris Johnson‘s Conservatives stayed the same at 42 per cent, narrowing the gap between the two parties. 

The Liberal Democrats dropped one point to 11 per cent while the Brexit Party crept up one point to four per cent. 

The Green Party stayed the same on 2 per cent.

It comes as political leaders use the final weekend before December 12 to push for as much support as possible at the polls. 

Meanwhile, leaked papers shared by Labour have been linked with Russian interference by the social media site Reddit on which they were published ahead of Mr Corbyn further exposing them. 

Culture secretary Nick Morgan said the suggestion must be taken “very seriously”, while Labour has insisted it was in the public interest to release the documents. 

Mr Corbyn defended the authenticity of documents, telling Sky News: “This is such nonsense. This such an advanced stage of rather belated conspiracy theories by the Prime Minister.”

Mr Corbyn and Mr Johnson push on after clashing in a leadership debate last night, which the Tory leader narrowly won with 52 per cent to 48 per cent giving him the advantage, according to a snap YouGov poll.

However, Mr Corbyn was judged the more trustworthy by a margin of 48 per cent to 38.

With less than a week to go to polling day on Thursday the findings suggest that the debate is unlikely to prove a game-changer. 


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