UK election poll: Gap between Conservative Party and Labour shrinks to seven points

The gulf between the Tories and Labour has narrowed to just seven points with the general election three weeks away, according to the latest polling. 

While Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party maintained their lead, the poll found Labour has crept up over the last week.

The new data, gathered by ICM between November 22 and 25, showed the Tories have dropped by one point to 41 per cent while Labour has jumped two points to 34 per cent.

The Lib Dems follow as the next biggest party nationwide, still standing on 13 per cent this week while the Brexit Party fell by one point to four per cent.

Meanwhile, the latest general election poll for Wales shows a surge in support for Labour.

The poll, conducted by ITV and Cardiff University between November 22 and 25, saw a bounce of 9 per cent for Labour since the last such poll was carried out three weeks ago.

The fresh figures came as the Conservatives launched their manifesto on Sunday, with Mr Johnson promising to focus on the NHS and crime after delivering Brexit. 

But already the manifesto policies have been attacked by Labour and fact-checkers.

While the Prime Minister’s pledge of boosting the NHS with another 50,000 nurses secured headlines, Labour said the figure was disingenuous when it included 19,000 nurses who the Tories want to retrain and another 12,000 from overseas.

It means only 19,000 posts would be filled by new nurse trainees enjoying the return of maintenance grants.

Independent fact-checking organisation Full Fact also pulled the Tory leader up on his claim that his ministers would increase day-to-day government spending by only £3 billion.

The figure is small compared to Labour’s promised £83 billion increase in spending, paid for by higher taxes on big businesses and the highest five per cent of earners.

But Full Fact said, despite Chancellor Sajid Javid promising the “most transparent costings that have ever been published in British electoral history”, the Tories had not explained how every pledge in the manifesto would be funded.


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