UK coronavirus death toll up 48% in a week, ONS statistics show

This was an increase of 365 deaths on the 761 registered the previous week.

In England and Wales, Covid-19 deaths increased week-on-week by 308, from 670 to 978. This means that coronavirus accounted for 9.1 per cent of all 10,739 deaths in the two countries that week – more than double a fortnight earlier.

The North West was the worst affected region, with 325 deaths. The figures, based on death certificates, relate to the seven days to October 23.

For the first time, the ONS now indicates weekly whether Covid was an underlying cause of death.

This was found to be the case in 874 of the 978 deaths – a total of 89.4 per cent.

By comparison, while there were 1,719 deaths in the week that involved Influenza and Pneumonia, only in 302, or 17.6 per cent, was it the underlying cause.

The number of Covid deaths in London increased by four to 47, further emphasising the growing North-South divide.

The five regions in the North and Midlands, and Wales, all had far more deaths than the capital. There were 41 deaths in the South-East and 30 in the South-West.

London’s weekly death toll from Covid-19 has not exceeded 50 for the last 19 weeks. At the peak of the first wave, there were 1,818 deaths in a week in the capital.

In the most recent week, there were 922 deaths from all causes in London – 20 higher than the average for the time of year.


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