Home politics UK Brexiteers reject Donald Trump despite Nigel Farage's gushing speech

UK Brexiteers reject Donald Trump despite Nigel Farage's gushing speech

UK Brexiteers reject Donald Trump despite Nigel Farage's gushing speech

UK Brexiteers continue to reject Donald Trump – despite a love-in speech from Nigel Farage at the President’s rally in Arizona.

The Brexit Party leader described Trump as “the single most resilient and bravest person I have ever met in my life.”

But a new poll found less than half of Brexiteers who expressed a preference would vote for Trump in the election.

A YouGov survey commissioned by Betfair found just 20% of those in the UK that expressed a preference for who they would vote for if given a vote in the US Election, would vote to reelect the President.

And just 38% of those that voted to leave the EU and expressed a preference would give him their vote.

A similar proportion of Tory voters – just 39% – who expressed a preference said they would vote Trump.

Overall 77% of those surveyed believe Trump is not fit to be US President.

But Joe Biden didn’t come out of the poll entirely well, either. Just 37% said he was fit to be the next leader of the free world.

Biden is currently the odds-on 8/15 favourite – 65% chance and Trump 9/5 at 35%.

The study also revealed that we are a nation divided when it comes to who we’d rather align with internationally.

When asked if they would prefer to be a part of the USA or the EU, a mere 7% claimed the USA, and 49% the EU. Over a third (36%) said they would rather be part of neither bloc.

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Of those that would vote Trump, the top three reasons given were that they believe his opponent is weak (49%), they trust his stance over the economy (48%) and think that he is a strong leader (47%).

Betfair Spokesperson Sam Rosbottom said: “With the US Election just seven days away, speculation on how the election will go is intensifying, with polls seeming to suggest a Biden victory is on the cards.

“With over £210m bet on the outcome of the election on Betfair Exchange, Biden’s odds of 8/15 suggest he has a 65% chance of coming out on top after the election on November 3rd,, with Trump’s odds of 9/5 suggesting his chances of victory are just 35%.

“However, it’s also worth remembering the U-turn the market saw on election night in 2016, where Hillary Clinton went in the big odds-on favourite. And we all know how that turned out.”



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