Tyson Fury’s dad hits out at his son for collapse of Anthony Joshua fight

Tyson Fury’s father has hit out at his son after the breakdown of his deal for a fight with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia.

The world heavyweight champion was set for a unification fight with Joshua on August 14 in Riyadh, which was set to earn the fighters £150million between them.

But last week after arbitration brought by Deontay Wilder saw Fury ordered to have a trilogy fight with the American, which was signed within days and saw the cancellation of Joshua-Fury.

And his father, John Fury, believes that Tyson has allowed ‘yes men’ in his camp to lead him astray and convince him to fight Wilder for all the wrong reasons.

He told BT Sport: “While I’m alive and fit and able I want to do the best for Tyson, but he is obviously in a different league now, he has 20,000 yes men around him.

“This is what happens when you get to the top, he’s got a lot of leeches and hangers-on out there and you can see what’s happening in America with him, that’s appalling work isn’t it?

John and Tyson Fury share a close bond - but 'big John' isn't sure he should fight Wilder
John and Tyson Fury share a close bond – but ‘big John’ isn’t sure he should fight Wilder

“It’s diabolical, you’re geared up to fight one man and at the eleventh hour [it gets taken away], and within 24 hours it’s all sorted and you’re signing a contract [to fight someone else] in the hall of a boxing venue.

“They’re around him like locusts, how can you think straight with all that around you?”

‘Big John’ believes the fight is not the right one to make right now, considering his son has already beaten Wilder and drawn with him.

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“It’s a mistake,” Fury continued. “We can blame his team can’t we, nobody else, anything rushed is no good and that’s been rushed.

“I want him to fight AJ, there’s no interest in fighting Wilder, so why is he fighting Wilder? I told him in a phone conversation that he should chuck the belt in the bin, let them have it.

“He should come back and fight AJ on August 14 as was planned, but who am I? I’m nobody unfortunately; a voice that only a certain amount of people hear.

“I don’t drive a Rolls Royce or live in a castle so it falls on deaf ears doesn’t it?”

However, renowned boxing coach Fury did also slam detractors of his son, including Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn, who has claimed that he never wanted the fight, calling it ‘rubbish’.

But he is concerned that after the comprehensive beating Fury gave Wilder last time out, and the performance in their first bout which was ruled a draw, but generally believed to be a Fury victory, his son may struggle to get motivated

Tyson Fury has pledged to fight Anthony Joshua before the year is out
Tyson Fury was set to face Anthony Joshua in a all-British bout

“I’m concerned if Tyson can raise his game for Wilder,” he continued. “Will he get complacent, make a mistake? I don’t know, he’s got every chance of it going wrong out there.

“I don’t like how it’s been handled, it’s been badly handled, but that’s just my opinion and nobody else’s, Tyson knows what he’s doing.

“I want Tyson to get back on a plane [to Manchester], let’s take a look properly at the situation and let’s assess it, but there’s no bright lights here!”

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