Types of Shower Drains; Which One to Use?

Types of Shower Drains; Which One to Use?

Are you concerned about the drains being installed at your home? We all are, but unfortunately, not many of us know what kind of shower drains are available in the market, such as the ECT shower drain or point drains. Even if a few already know the type, they can still figure out the best one for their home and its construction style. In this article, we will try to find out what type of shower drains are easily available in the market and why you should purchase them for your beautiful house.

To be honest, all the shower drains are functional and bets in their regard. It is entirely up to the user and the builder to choose the one that suits the house’s needs. The process of choosing the best shower drain is through having a close need and situational analysis of the house or the bathroom in particular. For example, you should check the roof’s material, the construction of the bathroom, and the user’s needs too.

The ECT/Linear Drain

The linear drain is quite a new concept, and it is becoming very popular within the builder’s community. The reason for having the linear drain is to keep the shower leveled at its maximum. You do not need to make the entire floor sloppy for the linear drain; only a side needs to be sloppy to collect all the water.

Secondly, as researched by some of the researching community. If any of you are thinking of using the bathroom with a wheelchair, or building one for the older people, without the curb, then the linear shower drain is the only option for you. as it will make your bathroom a safe place to shower, and the disabled person using wheelchairs can easily enter the shower area.   

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As the linear drains are quite elongated, they will cost you a lot more than the point drains. Firstly, the price of the metal body and the drain itself is quite high. Secondly, to install these drains, the plumber will have to work a bit more, making the drain an expensive affair altogether.    

The Point Drains

The point drain is also known as the central drain. This is the one which we often see in the older built houses; these drains are at the center of the shower usually. However, it is not a restriction; you can have it at the edge of the shower too, but it will make the shower area too sloppy.

If you are a normal young lad who can use the curbed shower without any difficulty, then the center drain will be a fine option for you. An older person who cannot climb the shower curb every time can be a risky affair.

The only thing of the point drains which is making them the most common type of drain available in the market is the affordability.

Three-Tier Drain

The three-tier shower drain is the one with more protection. It is designed for the wooden floors and second floors so that the water should not seep down to the roof.

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