Type 2 diabetes: The best breakfast options to manage blood sugar levels

Diabetes occurs when the body can no longer respond effectively to insulin – the hormone responsible for transforming glucose in the blood into energy for the cells. What are the best breakfast choices to keep blood sugar levels in check?

The Global Diabetes Community confirmed that diet is a “key factor” that affects blood sugar levels.

Diet adjustments “can be a good way of bringing type 2 diabetes under control”, the organisation added.

Best breakfast options

The informative charity Diabetes UK warned healthy-looking granola and cereal clusters are often full of added sugars and unhealthy fats.

Jam, on the other hand, isn’t recommended. Nor are croissants, pastries or muffins – these should be considered an “occasional treat”.

Can I have eggs for breakfast?

Yes, Diabetes UK says diabetics can have eggs for breakfast – add grilled tomatoes to increase fibre intake, it added.

What about a fry-up? Well, the consumption of red and processed meat is heavily frowned upon.

Instead, salmon or kippers (i.e. oily fish) can be great additions to scrambled egg, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and wholegrain toast.

If you simply can’t do without sausage or bacon, then it’s recommended to grill instead of fry, and to remove any visible fat off the bacon.

An alternative could be: wholegrain toast, scrambled egg, avocado, cottage cheese with edamame beans and tomatoes.

Also pay attention to what you drink at the breakfast table, as pure fruit juices and smoothies contain free sugars.

These can spike your blood sugar levels, so water is a better option – and stay away from syrups and pureés added to coffees when on the go.

If you’re grabbing breakfast from a shop, Diabetes UK encourages choosing fresh fruit and a handful of nuts.

If you’d like more ideas on diabetes-friendly lunches, dinners and desserts, then visit Diabetes UK.

In addition to diet, physical exercise is of upmost important to help the body use insulin better.

This can be as simple as dancing, vacuum cleaning the house, doing some DIY, and taking brisk walks.


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