Type 2 diabetes: Adding this green powder to your meals could lower your blood sugar

One of the worst culprits for sending blood sugar soaring levels soaring is eating too much sugar.

The primary risks posed by overindulging in sugar foods is that it leads to weight gain, and being overweight makes it harder to manage blood sugar levels.

What is the link between obesity and blood sugar?

As reports, studies suggest that abdominal fat – fat that accumulates near vital organs – causes fat cells to release “pro-inflammatory” chemicals, which can make the body less sensitive to the insulin it produces by disrupting the function of insulin responsive cells and their ability to respond to insulin.

“Obesity is also thought to trigger changes to the body’s metabolism These changes cause fat tissue (adipose tissue) to release fat molecules into the blood, which can affect insulin responsive cells and lead to reduced insulin sensitivity,” explains the health body.

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