Twitter pumps brakes on plan to delete old accounts after users decry loss of profiles of deceased

Twitter pumps brakes on plan to delete inactive accounts after users decry the loss of profiles left behind by dead loved ones

  • Twitter is changing course after saying it would delete old profiles
  • It will now figure out a way to archive accounts of deceased users
  • The change comes after an influx of feedback from users 
  • For now the deletion of old accounts will only affect users in the EU 

Twitter has quickly changed course after announcing that it will delete the accounts of inactive Twitter users next month, 

According to the platform, it will no longer remove all accounts that have been inactive for the past six months after feedback regarding the deletion of profiles left behind by deceased members. 

‘We’ve heard you on the impact that this would have on the accounts of the deceased,’ said Twitter in a statement. 

‘This was a miss on our part. We will not be removing any inactive accounts until we create a new way for people to memorialize accounts.’

Users who haven't accessed their Twitter accounts for the last six months were told that their accounts would be deleted and to stop the process, they must log in (Stock photo)

Users who haven’t accessed their Twitter accounts for the last six months were told that their accounts would be deleted and to stop the process, they must log in (Stock photo)

Twitter also says it will only roll out the cuts for users within the European Union for now. An expansion of the move could still potentially come to the US, however.

Upon initially reporting the move, a Twitter representative told MailOnline that the company planned to remove the old accounts over a period of months. 

The platform had already started to email users to notify them that their account is at risk of being deleted.

‘As part of our commitment to serve the public conversation, we’re working to clean up inactive accounts to present more accurate, credible information people can trust across Twitter. Part of this effort is encouraging people to actively log-in and use Twitter when they register an account, as stated in our inactive accounts policy,’ a spokesperson told The Verge. 

In order to prevent one’s account from being deleted, all a user must do is log into their account.

While some users expressed glee that they might have a shot at claiming handles like @Waluigi or @JustDamian, others noted that the move would also wipe Twitter of accounts formerly used by the deceased.

‘Horrified and scared to think I’ll lose traces of my dead partner, or my dead friends. It should be possible to free up usernames without eradicating the work and words of those who are no longer around,’ wrote one user on Twitter.   

‘We do not currently have a way to memorialize someone’s Twitter account once they have passed on, but the team is thinking about ways to do this,’ Twitter told MailOnline.

‘Here’s how people can contact Twitter to deactivate an account in the event of a death or incapacitation.’


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