Twitter ‘issue’ caused a blackout for thousands of UK users

Twitter has gone down (Getty)

Twitter was hit by a dramatic outage across the UK yesterday that was centered around London and Manchester.

The platform failed to load for us here at and a flood of complaints surfaced on DownDetector, which measures dropouts on popular websites and services.

Thankfully for social media junkies, the outage only appeared to last about 10 minutes.

A spokesperson for Twitter told ‘During regular service testing, there was an issue causing Twitter to not load for some people for about 10 minutes. This issue is now resolved so you can keep on Tweeting!’

Although DownDetector has the epicenters listed as London and Manchester, other UK cities like Glasgow also appeared to be affected.

The current state of the Twitter outage in the UK (Down Detector)

‘Brexit just killed twitter,’ one user joked on DownDetector.

‘”Something went wrong” – I think the idiocy going on in the House of Commons has killed Twitter!’ wrote another.

Twitter is usually one of the more resilient platforms with users flocking to it whenever one of the other big social networks suffers an outage.

In this instance, we didn’t notice a barrage of memes on Instagram or Snapchat referencing the fact that Twitter had gone down. Take from that what you will.


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