TV star Jenny Powell, 52, says she gets mistaken for 19-year-old daughter's twin

Jenny Powell has told how she gets constantly mistaken for her 19-year-old daughter’s twin – despite their 33 year age gap.

The 52-year-old TV star also said that people call her ‘Benjamin Button’ because she seems to look younger as she ages.

But her youthful looks come with a downside, as Jenny admits she worries about going out with her teenage daughter Connie because she doesn’t like to embarrass her with the attention.

“Being called your daughter’s sister is very flattering. We once checked into a hotel on holiday and the guy behind the reception desk said, ‘Oh, look at you two sisters. You look so alike’. Connie said, ‘She’s my mum’.

“I think she loves it but hates it as well. When she was in the sixth form it was going round the boys that ‘Jenny Powell is a hot mum’,” she told The Sun.

Jenny Powell says she gets mistaken for her 19-year-old daughter Connie’s twin

Jenny became a household name in the 90s as the ‘glamorous assistant’ on Wheel of Fortune.

She starred on the popular quiz alongside host Nicky Campbell and later John Leslie.

Her first TV gig came in the late Eighties presenting kids’ TV show Gimme 5 before she went on to host Top of The Pops and the National Lottery draw show.

As well as teenage daughter Connie, Jenny is also mum to 12-year-old daughter Pollyanna.

Jenny said her friends call her Benjamin Button because she doesn’t seem to age

Body confident Jenny shows off her trim physique in a red bikini

When she was seven months pregnant with her youngest, Jenny discovered that her husband of 13 years Toby Baxendale was having an affair with a woman 15 years his junior.

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Her hubby decided to move in with his new partner while Jenny had to come to terms with being a single mum in her 40s.

Opening up about the traumatic time, she previously told how she spiralled into depression and anxiety and became to weak she couldn’t face getting out of bed.

Jenny shows off her super smooth visage in an Instagram selfie

Jenny pictured with John Leslie in 1998 during their time on Wheel of Fortune

‘It felt as if I had been bereaved. I felt like a failure and everything crumbled around me. I was hysterical. I screamed and cried until I had no more tears left.

“But I knew I had to carry on for the sake of our children. They kept me going and now I can honestly say that I’m happy again. I feel liberated, independent and younger and I am looking forward to the future again,” she told the Mail.

Jenny, who hosts the Hot Mess Mums podcast, is now engaged engaged to be married again after meeting her partner Martin while they both grabbed a coffee at a train station.

Recalling their unlikely introduction to Kate Thorton on the White Wine Question Time podcast, Jenny said: “I was in Pret a Manger at Euston waiting to get the train back up to Manchester and this Adonis walks in, I thought ‘Bloody hell, he’s alright’.

The 90s TV star is looking forward to her second wedding after her past heartbreak

“And I just put my head down because I was ogle-ing him, and this shadow loomed over me and it was him asking if he could sit down.”

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Martin then asked her to take his number, rather than the other way around, saying he favoured a modern approach to dating.

“He was chatting away and he said, ‘Do you want my number?’ And I said ‘What for?’ I mean, what girl says that to a fit bloke?” laughed Jenny.


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