Trust GXT 255+ Onyx review

There are lots of different microphones on the market right now, but not all of them come with a boom arm. That’s where models like the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx come in, which offers a boom arm as standard that clamps onto your desk for maximum flexibility.

However, how does the microphone stack up to the competition? And how does it fare in day-to-day use? I’ve used the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx for podcasting, streaming and video calls to see whether this piece of audio equipment is worth investing in.

Design and features

  • Flexible boom arm
  • RGB lighting
  • Easy to assemble 

Despite the bulbous appearance of the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx, it is easy to set up. All the parts come laid out in a box, and the whole device comes in at a weight of 1.4kg, which is lighter than I had expected.

The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx has a design that fits in with the typical gamer or streamer aesthetic. It boasts a matte black finish all over, as well as a bright RBG light ring just below the mouthpiece.

Trust RGB lighting

The microphone features a foam cover rather than a grille, and a plastic shock mount is held together with slim crisscross ropes. I wouldn’t say it is the most premium looking microphone on the market, but it does the job.

The most notable thing about the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx microphone is the adjustable boom arm. The microphone cannot be used as a desktop standing mic like many other USB ones, so if you are short on space in your office or studio, this isn’t the microphone for you.

The arm clamps onto a surface or desk, and the joints can be made more flexible or firm by turning the notches on the joint. It also turns at the base, so you can point it quickly in the direction you want.

The joints on the arms can be a little fiddly to get right at first, whilst the joint that the microphone sits on is the opposite, sometimes feeling a little flimsy or loose. You’ll need to spend some time adjusting and tweaking the arm to get it into the position you want.

Trust clamp

This is a simple plug-and-play mic that connects to your PC via USB-A. The cable measures in at 1.8m, so make sure that you position the mic with enough room to plug it into your PC.

On the front of the mic, there’s a USB-C slot to attach the microphone to the arm via the included wire. There is a headphone jack, along with a manual volume wheel and a control to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone. If you press this in, you can quickly mute yourself. There’s also an extra USB-A port, should you need it.

There are six different colours (yellow, green, blue, cyan, purple and pink) for the RGB lighting ring, though there is no cycle or colour-changing options. You can also hold the lighting button for four seconds to turn it off or on. If you mute the mic, this light turns red.

Whilst the microphone had compatibility with PC, Mac and PlayStation, Xbox consoles are not supported. 

Sound quality

  • Audio clear and legible
  • Issues with popping
  • Minimal background noise

The audio quality on the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is rather good. Speech is legible and clear, and just what I needed when used for podcasts and streaming. Due to the position of the microphone, there’s also minimal echo, something I found to happen with a desktop microphone.

However, the quality isn’t quite as good as my other microphone – the Samson G-Track Pro – though this does come in at a higher price. 

Trust Mic

Despite having a foam cover, the audio can get blown out with plosives (words with letters such as p’s or d’s). Moving the microphone further away did limit this, but this also lost some of the quality of the audio. If this is an annoyance, I would recommend investing in a universal pop filter.

The microphone only comes with a cardioid pattern sound pick up. This means that it takes sound from the front of the microphone, reducing any audio coming from other directions. Other microphones offer the option to switch the sound pattern pick-up, useful if you are sharing a microphone between multiple people.

The boom arm really comes into play if you are typing or using a controller. As the microphone is positioned close to your mouth, background noise is suitably muffled – a perk that you wouldn’t get with a desktop microphone.

There is no extra software available to customise your audio as you’d find with some premium models. If you’re looking for a more professional setup, this may not be the microphone for you. On the other hand, if you want less work and don’t care about adjusting the audio settings a lot, this could be a decent option.

Trust mic

It’s worth noting that on Windows 10, I could sometimes hear myself through my earphones. I rectified this issue by going into the control panel and re-ticking and unticking ‘listen to this device’.

As this is a USB microphone, audio processing is not to the same standard as what you’ll find on professional-grade microphones – but unless you’re very much into audio (or have a career in this field), then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Price and availability

The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx microphone retails for £174.99/€175.99, though some retailers are offering discounts at the time of writing. You can currently buy it from Amazon and Box in the UK or see other retailers in your country on the Trust website.

Unfortunately, if you are based in the US, then this microphone is not available. However, you can look at other options in our list of the best USB microphones.

Trust mic

The price puts it just ahead of the Blue Yeti X, which is our top-rated microphone overall. Whilst this does not include a boom arm, it offers more customisation over the audio quality, both on the mic and through its own software.

That said, a compatible boom arm will set you back around £15 for the cheapest models, or much more, depending on what you buy. Therefore, it’s worth weighing up what your priorities are for your microphone setup.


The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx microphone is a great option if you want minimal fuss. The audio quality is decent due to the boom arm giving optimum positioning – though you can get some popping. The RGB lighting also adds that extra flair.

The build quality isn’t the most premium out there, and the lack of audio software may be a disappointment to those who are looking for something more professional. However, if you want a microphone that matches a classic gamer aesthetic and don’t mind a few setbacks, then this fits the bill.


Trust GXT 255+ Onyx: Specs

  • 980 x 80 x 70mm (with arm)
  • 1400g (total weight)
  • Cardioid pick-up pattern
  • Condensor sensor
  • 130dB sound pressure level
  • 30 Hz – 18000 Hz frequency response
  • 24bit, 96kHz sampling rate
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Foam microphone cover
  • USB-C and USB-A ports included
  • Mute functionality
  • Volume button
  • RGB lighting with six colours
  • Plug & Play
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac & PlayStation
  • Boom arm in box
  • Shock mount included
  • Echo cancellation
  • No noise reduction

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