Home politics Trump to 'hold Election Night party in White House with up to 400 guests'

Trump to 'hold Election Night party in White House with up to 400 guests'

Trump to 'hold Election Night party in White House with up to 400 guests'

Donald Trump is set to hold an indoor Election Night bash at the White House with as many as 400 people likely to be invited, it has been claimed.

Despite coronavirus restrictions in Washington prohibiting such gatherings, the US President will host the do in the building’s East Room, reports The New York Times.

It is understood the party was originally due to be held at the nearby Trump Hotel, also in Pennsylvania Avenue, but will be moved to the federal building due to the 50 person gathering limit in DC.

The White House has previously hosted large events despite the pandemic.

Trump referred to the potential for a November 3 party on Friday, prior to flying off for more campaign rallies.

The event could be in breach of the Hatch Act, aside from Washington’s coronavirus restrictions

“We have a hotel. I don’t know if you’re allowed to use it or not, but I know the mayor has shut down Washington, DC and if that is the case we will probably stay here or pick another location,” Trump said outside the White House, reports The Hill.

While his son Eric Trump told Fox News there were plans to move the event, adding it would be a “great night”.

A garden party last month, dubbed a ‘superspreader’ event, was held in the White House’s Rose Garden to celebrate Trump nominating Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court.

A ‘superspreader’ event was held in the Rose Garden which saw at least 30 people infected

Photos and video showed attendees largely without masks or abiding by social distancing, with at least 30 White House staff then testing positive for Covid-19.

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This included Trump and First Lady Melania, with the former spending time at Walter Reed National Military Center in Maryland.

By hosting an election party at the presidential residency, Trump could be breaching the Hatch Act which prohibits active federal staff engaging in political campaigns.

The President had previously been accused of violating the regulation when he opted to deliver his 2020 nomination speech from the Republican National Convention at the White House.

While Trump and Vice President Mike Pence cannot be in breach of the act, federal staff would have been needed to allow the event to run and be broadcast – thus arguably politicising the residence.

At the time, spokesman Judd Deere said: “RNC convention events will be planned and executed, at whatever the venue, by the Trump campaign and RNC.

“Any government employees who may participate will do so in compliance with the Hatch Act.”



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