Trump impeachment report expected soon after Thanksgiving break, Schiff says – live

House intelligence chair says his panel intends to transmit report soon after congressional recess – but says ‘the investigative work continues’

Reporters continue to await a ruling in the case of Don McGahn, Trump’s former White House counsel, but the presiding judge emphasized her distate for time limits during oral arguments last month, so we could be here a bit longer.

Observation as we continue to wait for Jackson’s ruling in McGahn subpoena case (filed same day as 6e case, which Howell ruled on a month ago): At oral args last month, Jackson said she doesn’t like time limits; she & lawyers talked on and on while everyone’s day was consumed.

A ruling will likely come in the next hour on whether Don McGahn, Trump’s former White House counsel, must comply with a congressional subpoena or the administration’s guidance not to cooperate with a House investigation.

What we’re waiting for sometime in the next 45 minutes – a ruling from Judge Ketanji Jackson on whether Don McGahn must comply with a subpoena to testify to the House Judiciary Committee as part of its impeachment inquiry.

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