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Although a respected sports scientist accompanied England manager Bobby Robson to Italia 90, the Football Association was not so attuned then to the psychology of winning matches at this level (Get your head in the game, G2, 11 July). When Robson’s successor, Graham Taylor, recruited a sports psychologist, the chairman of the FA international committee (who also chaired a not notably successful club then) repeatedly complained: “How much is this psychiatrist costing us?”
Graham Kelly
FA chief executive, 1988-98

Members of the England football team play with inflatable unicorns in the pool

Members of the England football team play with inflatable unicorns in their Russian hotel, June 2018. Photograph: Eddie Keogh for FA/Rex/Shutterstock

I took my first driving test in Boston, Massachusetts, in the late 1950s in my dad’s Morris Minor (imported, second hand, grey, red soft top, bucket seats, divided screen) (Letters, passim). The inspector was entranced by the little foreign car, couldn’t get over the little white signal flaps – and, having told me I’d passed, asked if I’d mind if he drove it around the block. Reader, I married him.
Marcia Heinemann

In the late 1960s my late wife commuted down Interstate 5 to her job at an advertising agency in San Diego in her green Morris Minor convertible (yes, a practical proposition in dry, sunny Southern California). It was known to family, friends, colleagues and local mechanics as the Morris Minus on the grounds that it was perennially minus a part.
Adrian Tuck
Sheringham, Norfolk

May I take this opportunity to wish the NHS a full and speedy recovery following the removal of the clot that had previously been threatening its continued wellbeing (Jeremy Hunt: Ambitious lawyer takes foreign brief, 10 July).
Austen Lynch
Garstang, Lancashire

Puffins “making plans” (Letters page photo, 10 July)? As Eddie Izzard once asked about the best-laid plans of mice, does it involve a flip chart?
Liz Meerabeau
New Malden, Surrey

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