Toyota dealers top profitability charts for electric and plug-in cars

The Toyota dealer network is the most satisfied with the profit they are making on electric and plug-in cars compared to petrol and diesel models.

That’s a key conclusion of the latest Electric Vehicle NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey which looked at those networks who currently have at least one new plug-in hybrid or pure electric vehicle available to the customer. Kia was I second place followed by Audi, Mini and Volvo.

Dealers were also asked about the product on offer and found that they were “fairly satisfied” with their manufacturers’ current electric and plug-in product offering. Mitsubishi, Audi, and Volkswagen saw their ratings improve.

Dealers were asked how satisfied they were with their manufacturer’s proposed plug-in and electric vehicles product range and the segments they will cover for the next two years. Retailers remained optimistic about their manufacturers’ proposed product range for the next two years, with higher satisfaction levels compared to their current range. The average score of 7.04 was the highest of the survey.

Dealers were also probed on their satisfaction levels with availability of supply of electric and plug-in vehicles?

Overall the scores were average although satisfaction levels are improving as more models are launched. Ratings rose for all carmakers except Mercedes and Nissan, who experienced minor declines. Volvo and Renault saw the largest increases in score.

“As the UK car market continues its transition to electric vehicles, franchised retailers are making significant investments to meet the growing consumer demand. Despite the fast development, the electric market is in its relatively early stages with a number of challenges still to address,” said NFDA director Sue Robinson


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