Tory Shaun Bailey's 8-page election leaflet mentions Conservative Party once

Tory Shaun Bailey’s eight-page election leaflet only mentions the Conservative Party once, the Mirror can reveal.

And the lone mention of the party for whom Mr Bailey is standing in the London Mayoral election is in a direct quote from a Tory peer.

Mr Bailey has been under fire this week, accused of politicising the murder of Sarah Everard to launch an attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Mr Bailey refused to withdraw the remarks made on Twitter.

But in response Boris Johnson ’s Press Secretary refused to say whether the PM still backed Mr Bailey in the City Hall race.

And today the Mirror can reveal Mr Bailey sent an 8-page glossy faux-magazine to hundreds of voters in the capital – barely mentioning the party he’s standing for.

The campaign mag, entitled “London Life” describes Mr Bailey as “the Next Mayor of London”.

It includes a full-page interview with Mr Bailey’s wife, Ellie.

And it includes a quote from Mr Johnson offering his support.

The glossy 'magazine' sent to thousands of Londoners
The glossy ‘magazine’ sent to thousands of Londoners

But it only includes one reference to the Conservative Party – in a quote from Tory peer and former Apprentice star Karren Brady.

The leaflet also includes a quote from someone named as “Beth, one of the young people Shaun helped as a youth worker.”

But in the quote, ‘Beth’ describes herself as “a lad from a council estate.”

Bungling Bailey previously raised eyebrows when he suggested homeless could people save up £5,000 for a deposit to buy a house.

He plans to use some of the capital’s affordable housing budget to pay for shared-ownership homes for sale.

A quote about Shaun from "Beth", a "lad from a council estate"
A quote about Shaun from “Beth”, a “lad from a council estate”

But asked by Inside Housing what that would do for the city’s 62,000 homeless households, Mr Bailey suggested some of them could save up for a deposit.

Asked if he thought a £5,000 deposit would prevent people living in temporary housing getting a mortgage, Mr Bailey said: “I don’t think £5,000 will. The mortgage application thing might be a bit tougher.”

Asked again if he thought people living in bed and breakfast accommodation could afford a £5,000 deposit, he said: “They could save for it, yeah.”

And he was accused of “contempt” for struggling families, when he said he opposed the idea of a Universal Basic Income because some people would spend it on “lots of drugs”.

Mr Bailey today said the idea needed to take “the human condition” into account.

He told the London Assembly’s Economy Committee: “I’ve been a youth worker for over 20 years. I know some people would absolutely fly if you gave them a lump sum to deal with every week.

“I know some people who would buy lots of drugs.

“So where is the care in this, where is the care for the person? How do you get past just universally giving people money?”

He added he was “concerned about work incentive.”


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