Tory party manifesto: Most important policies in Boris Johnson’s general election pledge

Boris Johnson has unveiled the Conservative Party manifesto this afternoon, detailing what the party hopes to accomplish if they run a majority government. The Prime Minister has said he wants an “exciting and productive year” ahead for the UK, and promised policies such as carbon neutrality by 2030. Here are the most notable policies from the party’s manifesto. 


The Prime Minister has promised the Conservative Party will “get Brexit done” if they are elected. 

In Mr Johnson’s pledge, he said he would bring back the Withdrawal Agreement Bill he negotiated with the EU to Parliament before December 25. 

The Prime Minister also promised the government would “turn the page from the dither, delay and division of recent years”.

Conservative MPs are hoping to get the bill through Parliament before the new Brexit extension is up on January 31, before a transition period begins. 


The Conservative Party’s housing focus is on keeping energy costs low. 

According to the manifesto, the party will keep energy price caps and spend £6.3 billion on energy efficiency to cut fuel bills. 

They have also pledged a further £3.8 billion on a “Social Housing Decarbonisation Scheme” which seeks to improve insulation and save on heating builds. 

Mr Johnson also pledged the Conservatives would create a £2.5 billion “Home Upgrade Grant” for 200,000 homes.


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