Tory manifesto policies 2019: Conservative general election pledges in full

Boris Johnson has unveiled the Tory manifesto – and it’s packed full of policies and crafty pledges that perhaps aren’t quite what they seem.

It fails to tackle the key injustices in society like social care and Universal Credit .

But it does promise a return to maintenance grants in a huge Tory U-turn – not to mention a cut in National Insurance worth £85 a year.

The experts say this manifesto has less ambition than those of Labour and the Lib Dems.

Perhaps that’s to be expected from a party that’s been in government for 9 years – so only has itself to blame for the state of the country.

So what is actually in the Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto? The whole 60-page document is on the internet, but of course that’s far too long. So we’ve filleted it for you ourselves.

NHS and health

He’d bring back maintenance grants.. but it doesn’t reverse cuts under the Tories


  • Bring back maintenance grants for student nurses in partial U-turn four years after bursaries were scrapped. They will be worth £5,000 to £8,000 a year – but student nurses will still have to pay tuition fees
  • Commit to have 50,000 more nurses – even though 18,500 are already working in the NHS now
  • £34bn a year in extra funding for the NHS by 2024
  • 40 ‘new’ hospitals – many of which do not have guaranteed funding yet, or are rebuilds
  • Hospital parking charges scrapped for some – including disabled, sick kids’ parents and NHS staff working overnight. But Labour goes further by scrapping all charges for patients and staff
  • Upgrades and new machines to boost early cancer diagnosis across 78 hospital trusts
  • 6,000 more GPs, 50million more GP appointments and 6,000 more primary care professionals
  • ‘Promote the uptake’ of vaccines, extend social prescribing and improve hospital food
  • Extend the Cancer Drugs Fund
  • Treat mental and physical health with same urgency
  • Budget doubling for ‘health tourism enforcement unit’
  • NHS ‘not for sale’ in Brexit trade talks


Social care

There’s no firm plan to tackle the social care crisis


  • £1bn a year to plug immediate gaps in social care
  • But no long-term plan now despite Boris Johnson saying he would solve the crisis
  • Instead Tories pledge to seek cross-party consensus
  • One red line: No one will have to sell their home
  • Dementia research funding doubled
  • Unpaid carers to get a week of leave entitlement


Education and childcare

There’s no new cash for schools in manifesto – but £14bn already announced


  • Teachers’ starting salaries rise to £30,000 – though previous announcement suggested it’d take some years
  • An ‘arts premium’ worth just over £100m a year for secondary schools
  • No new cash for schools in manifesto – but £14bn already announced
  • Improve the Troubled Families programme and review the care system to ensure kids have support
  • £1bn fund spread over three years to provide more childcare with focus on activities in school premises, including during the holidays
  • £3bn National Skills Fund
  • New law to let parents take extended leave for neonatal care


  • Universal Credit rollout to continue
  • No pledge to axe five-week wait or two-child limit
  • Benefit freeze to end in April as already announced
  • Minimum PIP award to double from 9 to 18 months to spare disabled people as many benefit tests
  • National Strategy for Disabled People by end of 2020 including looking at how to improve benefit system
  • Child benefit banned for kids living overseas


Brexit and migration



Economy and public services

No rises in Income Tax, National Insurance or VAT


  • No rises in Income Tax, National Insurance or VAT until 2024
  • Minimum wage for over-25s rises to £10.50 by 2024 and expands to over-21s
  • National Insurance threshold to rise to £9,500, saving earners around £85 per year. Ambition is to raise it further to £12,500 to save £500 a year – but this isn’t costed. And experts say it’ll help the better-off
  • No borrowing to fund day-to-day spending
  • But borrowing to fund £100bn infrastructure fund – less than the £400bn pledged by Labour – with public sector net investment of up to 3% of GDP
  • Pledge that debt will be lower at the end of the Parliament
  • Towns Fund going to an initial 100 towns
  • £500m in new youth clubs, £150m Community Ownership Fund and a safer streets fund
  • £4bn in new funding for flood defences
  • ‘Intend’ to bring full-fibre and gigabit broadband to every home and business in the UK by 2025 – including £5bn to connect non-commercially-viable properties
  • Review of business rates with view to cutting them
  • Increase Employment Allowance for small businesses costing £500m a year by 2024
  • Raise Tax Credit rate to 13% for research and development, and review and reform Entrepreneur’s Relief
  • Implement the Digital Services Tax
  • Give workers the right to a more predictable contract




  • All-out rail strikes banned with a minimum service having to be operated
  • Northern Powerhouse Rail to be built between Manchester and Leeds – then focus on Liverpool, Tees Valley, Hull, Sheffield and Newcastle
  • Investment for the Midlands Rail Hub strengthening links between Birmingham, Leicester and other cities
  • But HS2 still up in the air as Tories have not yet responded to the Oakervee Review
  • Manifesto washes its hands of Heathrow Airport expansion, saying it’s now a private project
  • City regions get funding to upgrade bus, tram and train services
  • £28.8bn to be spent on ‘strategic’ and local roads
  • Electric car charging point within 30 miles of any point in the country

  • £500m to restore some rail lines axed under Beeching in the 1960s

  • Contactless PAYG ticketing to 200 more stations in the South East

  • £500m a year over four years to fill potholes

  • £350m Cycling Infrastructure Fund

  • Upgrade the A55 and deliver M4 relief road – if the Tories take power in Wales

Environment and animal rights



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General election manifesto policies 2019

Women and equalities 

  • Abolish VAT on sanitary products (the Tampon Tax)

Housing and homelessness

Is a million homes enough?


  • Build 1million homes over Parliament
  • End rough sleeping by 2024 – three years earlier than promised in the 2017 manifesto
  • Maintain commitment to Right to Buy for all council tenants
  • Scrap ‘no fault evictions’
  • Give renters a ‘lifetime deposit’ they can carry over from one tenancy to the next
  • Stamp duty surcharge of 3% on foreign home buyers
  • Social Housing White Paper to examine system


  • Keep the triple lock
  • Keep the winter fuel payment
  • Keep the older person’s bus pass
  • But no funding for free TV licences for over-75s
  • And no offer to 3.8million ‘WASPI’ women born in 1950s whose pension age rose without warning

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General election 2019


  • Keep the existing energy price cap
  • Extend the water rebate for those in the South West
  • 40GW from offshore wind by 2030
  • £800m for first fully-deployed carbon capture storage cluster by mid-2020s


  • Force through plans to make voters show ID despite warnings they will disenfranchise thousands – to tackle a crime for which there’s almost no evidence
  • Scrap the 15-year limit on expats being able to vote after they move out of the UK
  • Scrap the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act that blocked Boris Johnson getting an election 3 times
  • Keep the voting age at 18 and keep first past the post
  • Repeal Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act and scrap second stage of the Leveson Inquiry
  • Public bodies banned from imposing their own BDS (boycott, divest or sanctions) movements

Armed Forces

  • No pledge to maintain troop numbers – though Boris Johnson then made it in person at manifesto launch
  • New laws to stop ‘vexatious’ legal claims against veterans over historic alleged injustices
  • Wraparound childcare for Forces families – but no new funding to pay for it
  • Veterans’ railcard giving a third off rail travel
  • Guaranteed job interview for any veteran applying to any public sector job

Foreign policy

  • Keep spending 2% of GDP on defence and 0.7% on foreign aid
  • Support construction of UK Holocaust Memorial and a Windrush memorial
  • ‘Further develop’ Magnitsky-style sanctions
  • Maintain the Trident nuclear deterrent

Police, crime and justice

  • Hiring 20,000 more police officers – almost replacing the 21,000 cut under the Tories
  • New powers to stop and search those suspected of knife crime
  • Knife crimes to be rushed through courts with prison sentences for those convicted
  • End automatic release for serious criminals halfway through their jail terms
  • Life imprisonment without parole for adults who kill children
  • ‘Consult on’ doubling jail term for people who assault emergency services
  • Expand electronic tagging including ‘sobriety tags’ for those driven by alcohol addiction
  • New National Cyber Crime Force and National Crime Laboratory
  • 10,000 more prison places
  • Prisoners will still be banned from voting
  • Travellers to be criminalised by making intentional trespass a criminal, not a civil offence
  • Worst tax fraudsters’ jail terms double from 7 to 14 years
  • Single beefed-up anti-tax-evasion unit in HMRC


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