Tory leadership hopeful Liz Truss directly challenges Theresa May with pledge to end ‘nanny state vanity projects’

TORY leadership hopeful Liz Truss will call for an end to Government “nanny state vanity projects” in a direct challenge to Theresa May.

The Cabinet minister will insist there must be a major shake-up in the way taxpayers’ money is spent to ensure it goes on voters’ priorities.

 Tory leadership hopeful Liz Truss directly challenges Theresa May with her pledge to end 'nanny state vanity projects'


Tory leadership hopeful Liz Truss directly challenges Theresa May with her pledge to end ‘nanny state vanity projects’

And she will warn that 2019 is a “do or die year” for the Conservatives to set a clear new path, or risk being thrown out of office by Jeremy Corbyn.

The broadside, in a speech to the Onward think tank, will be seen as a direct attack on the PM’s interventionist approach in areas like healthy eating and green policies – at the expense of troops and police numbers.

Ms Truss is the latest senior Tory to lay out her vision for Britain as Tory MPs expect a contest to replace the PM within months.

In a speech to the think tank Onward, Ms Truss will say: “Core public services like roads, police, education, NHS and defence are where public want to see their money go.

“They don’t want their hard-earned taxes spent on announcements designed purely to get column inches.

“Or on billboards that brag about the government’s generosity. They don’t want to hear that their money is used for corporate subsidies.

“Or to prop up zombie industries. Or to be told exactly how much to eat or how much to exercise.”


Treasury Chief Secretary Ms Truss will also highlight the cross-government spending review in the Autumn – which she is coordinating – as a key opportunity for the change of path, and say it should be dubbed the “People’s Spending Review”.

Branding herself a champion of “popular free market conservatism” in the Thatcher vein, Ms Truss will add: “The role of government shouldn’t be doing things on people’s behalf like an overbearing helicopter parent.

“It should be clearing the barriers to success”.

The 43 year-old minister will also call for bolder action to cut everyday costs for families especially.

And she will highlight the spiralling cost of housing, saying how rent and mortgage cost have risen from an eighth of average household income in 1947, to a quarter now.

Ms Truss will add: “What people need is not handouts or Universal Basic Income, but the Universal Basic Infrastructure of life.

“The foundations of living a full life in a modern, free enterprise country. Foundations that give people the chance to get where they want to go.

“Access to good education, a good home with fast internet and good transport links to get to a good job.”

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