Tory crisis: Nearly half of Conservatives happy to have Nigel Farage as leader, shock poll

Tory members would be prepared to sacrifice the union, destroy the party or even suffer economic damage to finally get the UK out of the EU, the poll found. Brexit is the central issue in the Tory leadership race, as MPs try to repair the damage from the disastrous negotiations. And the YouGov poll, which surveyed 892 Conservative Party members between June 11-14, showed nearly half of those surveyed – 46 percent – would be happy to see the Brexit Party leader enter Number 10.

The survey also found that 63 percent of party members would be prepared to see Scotland leave the UK in order to make Brexit happen.

Some 61 percent of those surveyed would rather Brexit took place even if it caused “significant damage” to the economy, while 59 percent would prioritise leaving the EU even if it meant Northern Ireland breaking away from the rest of the UK.

A further 54 percent would “destroy” the party in order to secure Brexit, while 39 percent said they would want Brexit to take place if it meant Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister.

A further 51 percent said they would rather the UK remained in the EU if it prevented Mr Corbyn from coming into power.

YouGov’s Matthew Smith said: “Conservative members are not just ideologically committed to Brexit – they also genuinely believe that the failure to deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum will bring about the destruction of the party’s electoral chances.

“Indeed, half (51 percent) of members believe that Britain ending up staying in the EU after all would damage the party to the extent that it will never lead a government again, and another 29 percent think it would put the party out of power for multiple elections to come.

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“By contrast, most members believe that successfully bringing about Brexit will win the Tories at least the next election.”

The six remaining Tory leadership candidates – Dominic Raab, Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid, Jeremy Hunt and Rory Stewart – are due to face party voting on Tuesday.

Each candidate needs the votes of 33 Tory MPs to make it through to the next round, which kicks off tonight when the BBC hosts a leadership debate at 8pm.



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