Tory candidate says she 'wouldn't marry Boris Johnson' when asked about his character

In the run up to December 12, every single word that comes out of an election candidate’s mouth is being listened to and scrutinised as people decide who to vote for.

Just one wrong comment could help sway someone to check a certain box on the big day.

But this intense scrutiny of candidates has also meant that people are picking up on some absolute gems of conversation.

For example at the Brentford and Isleworth hustings on Tuesday evening (November 26), a comment by Conservative Party candidate Seena Shah, really captured people’s attention.

The 30-year-old was asked by journalist Peter Oborne, whether or not she was “proud” of her party’s leader, Boris Johnson .

And her interesting response had people cracking up.

She said: “At the end of the day, I wouldn’t marry the guy.”

A clip of her answering the question was uploaded to Twitter by The Chiswick Calendar, where it has received dozens of retweets and likes.

It was later shared by Oborne, whose post helped it garner even more attention.

People who watched the footage were divided in their opinions of it.

Some found it amusing and agreed with Shah.

One person seconded her comment, replying: “Neither would I.”

Another joked that her comment could be the basis for a new series of BBC Three’s reality show Snog Marry Avoid?

A third added: “Wouldn’t marry because you couldn’t trust him.”

However others said they found the whole situation “sad”.

“I see nothing amusing,” commented a different user. “Just utterly sad people think Johnson is a source of entertainment. That’s what’s helping him.

“Politics is the new showbiz, dumbing down is complete.”

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Shah has since responded to the video on Twitter, after someone questioned why she was running for the party at all, if she couldn’t “identify anything to be proud about Boris”.

The Tory candidate reassured people that the clip doesn’t show her “full answer” to the question.

“The video does not go on to give my full answer which shows me defending his record for delivering,” she stated.

“Edits show snapshots, full lengths tell you the truth.”


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