'Tories have let down older people and shown again they cannot be trusted'

From Saturday, some of the oldest people in the country are facing a bill they thought they had seen the back of.

The over-75s – who worked hard all their lives – now deserve a peaceful retirement.

Labour in government recognised that. Along with the winter fuel allowance we did things to make life a little easier for those who had given us so much.

The Tories have let down older people. And time after time they fail to take responsibility.

In attempts to shift the blame for their policy of discharging Covid patients into care homes they hide behind the science.

Jo Stevens is the MP for Cardiff Central and Shadow Culture Secretary

On free TV licences for the elderly – a lifeline, especially during a public health crisis – they passed the buck.

The deal they made with the corporation in 2015 left the Beeb with no choice but to accept the cost of the over-75s licence fee or face further cuts.

A negotiation by ransom.

TV can be a lifeline for elderly people

Pensioners are right to be angry

It is entirely the Government’s doing that the BBC has decided to stop funding it.

After a brief reprieve for the pandemic, the benefit is coming to an end with the corporation footing the bill for only the very poorest pensioners.

As well as letting the BBC take the blame for their brutal cuts, the Tories have also refused to engage with the corporation to find a solution.

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Labour believes in a basic principle – that we protect and care for those who did the same for us for so many years.

Threats to end to the pensions triple lock, the treatment of the elderly during the pandemic and brushing aside calls from charities like Age UK to get round the table with the BBC and find a solution to protect free TV licences for the over-75s, show again that you cannot trust the Tories.



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