Top Street analysts are bullish on stocks like Netflix & GM

On the Detroit headquarters of General Motors, Michigan’s March 16th, 2021, you can see the new GM logo.

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The earnings season has come to an end, and many companies are giving investors and analysts insights into their growth plans in the next quarter.

This has provided a platform for many firms to show how they adapt to the new reality of the increasing popularity of electric cars and the ever-increasing demand of semiconductor chips.

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General Motors  

Numerous companies are now public and have huge valuations. This green tsunami continues to sweep the sector. General Motors is the only company that can focus solely on its condensed product offering, which may make it easier for small and more flexible pure-play electric vehicles (EV) manufacturers.GM(See ) Does not mean to be ignored. (See General Motors Stock AnalysisTipRanks 

Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives reiterated the bullish thesis on the stock. He argued that Wall Street has just begun to recognize the company’s grand plans. His comments included the assertion that investors are increasingly interested in innovative EV stories as well as vertical integration. GMThe transformational potential of its customer base into electric vehicles in the next few years is huge.   

Ives gave the stock a Buy rating and set a $85. bullish price target.  

Analyst Ives stated that the company can double its revenues by 2030 if it is able to address short-term problems such as the global shortage of chips and recall fallout from the Chevy Bolt. Ives anticipates that GM will fulfill its EV promise, and the share price may rise further than his target.  

GM doesn’t have only big plans. The company has also created Ultium battery technology which Ives claims will allow it to capture more market share. He doesn’t see Tesla.TSLA() losing its position as the dominant player in the new industry. 

Additionally, GM has been developing software-and-services subscription packages to accompany its strong pipeline of EVs. Ives finds it encouraging that GM has so many opportunities to monetize in this space. It is possible to generate as much as $2,000 per car annually. 

TipRanks rates Ives No. 1 out of over 7,000 analysts. 22. Ratings have been very successful for him 82% of time and return an average 64.3%. 

Wix Web Development Company (WIXThe first half of 2019 saw a tough period for, due to its comparison to 2020’s boom online commerce which led to high stock valuations. According to Mark Mahaney, Evercore ISI, those tough times appear to have passed Wix. “It turns to be that the world didn’t decide not to stop building websites,” Mahaney said.

(See Risk FactorsTipRanks 

Mahaney assigned the stock as a Buy and a target price at $255.  

He praised the recent earnings report of the company, which showed a positive outlook on revenues and notable improvements in metrics in key sector. The analyst stated that the average revenue per user for newly acquired users and conversion rates were both higher than expected.  

Mahaney stated that the Covid-19 pandemic caused global shifts, making having an online presence “a necessity rather than something to be desired by businesses worldwide.” His encouragement was reflected in Wix’sThe company has been exposed to the worldwide electronic commerce sector. As the world reopens, Wix should be able to participate fully in the double tailwinds of commerce moving digitally and business going online.  

Mahaney indicated that the company has about half its customers who work in industries which are still restricted by Covid-19. Mahaney expects additional upside. Wix might see positive changes to its balance sheets if there is an end to pandemic restrictions. 

TipRanks ranked Mahaney No. Out of over 7000 financial analysts, Mahaney was ranked at 62. His ratings have been awarded 74% success rate and he has received 57% average return.  


Netflix is a streaming platform that continues to face intense competition.NFLXBeyond its entertainment portfolio, ), has invested in innovation. As it grows into a new type of content, the production and streaming company has released numerous mobile games. Doug Anmuth, from JPMorgan said that:NFLXHe believes that streaming is still a top option and expects success in fourth quarter. (See Netflix Hedge Fund ActivityTipRanks 

Anmuth was enthusiastic “on shares based on continued strengthening of the 4Q content slate, greater distance from pandemic pull-forward, improving seasonality, & potential for greater traction in APAC, where NFLX has low penetration.”  

Analysts rated the stock as a Buy and set a target price of $750.  

Anmuth pointed out that Netflix’s share repurchase plans offer long-term upside, in addition to the major upcoming movies and TV series. As consumers turn away from satellite and cable TV, the company also benefits from “global proliferation” of Internet-connected devices.  

Anmuth feels confident that Netflix has the potential to continue reaching high potential markets such as China. Globally, NFLX’s content is well-received and the “virtuous circle”, of subscription and revenue growth should see it rise to greater valuations.  

TipRanks ranked Anmuth No. 1 among more than 7,000 financial analysts. 112. Stock picks by Mr. Smith have been accurate 69% of time and return an average of 40%.  


Consumer spending continues to rise despite inflationary concerns. Square is happy about this.SQ(), generates revenue through transactions via its subscription-based software and payment hardware platforms. The company is now pursuing several strategic business goals, such as expanding into full-fledged fintech and crypto initiatives, acquisitions of high-profile companies, and other expansions. (See Square Website TrafficTipRanks 

Tigress Financial Partners founder Ivan Feinseth outlined his bullish theory on the company in writing, “SQ’Its innovation capabilities will keep driving the creation of new products beyond the payment. This will allow for growth and increase Return on Capital as well as greater Economic Profit. 

Feinseth gave the stock a Buy rating and increased his price target from $295 to $310  

Square now owns Afterpay, a “buy now and pay later” company, according to the analyst. Credit Karma TaxIt is attempting to transform into a fully-rounded fintech firm. Feinseth expects the company to grow its overall margins after it has moved its banking services into-house. These acquisitions will allow for greater integration between sellers and customers across the company’s ecosystem of platforms.  

Square has reported strong revenues for the third quarter due to a broad shift in consumer preferences towards contactless payments. 

Feinseth ranks No. 52 from more than 7 000 analysts on TipRanks. His stock picking success rate is 76% and he has earned an average return of 38.8% for each of his stocks over the past two years.  


Many industries are suffering from a shortage of semiconductors, including the smartphone and automotive manufacturing sectors. Some of the chip design firms are reporting impressive revenue and earnings despite the increased demand. NvidiaNVDAThe ) published yet another quarter exceeding estimates and analysts don’t anticipate it slowing down soon. (See Nvidia Earnings Date & ReportsTipRanks 

Christopher Rolland from Susquehanna Financial Group is one of these bullish professionals. He wrote that NVDAIt saw record quarters in at least two of its major end-markets, data center and gaming. The analyst stated that growth in gaming and data center is likely to continue into the fourth quarter. The analyst stated that Data Center was driven by cloud computing hyperscalers, natural language processing and deep recommender model, while Enterprise is still driven by vertical businesses. 

Rolland assigned the stock as a Buy and gave a target price of $360.  

This tech company also sees high demand for its network solutions. They are experiencing “higher momentum” for their ethernet. [network interface controllers]Bluefield 3, Quantum 2, and Quantum 2 switches [data processing units].”  

Rolland stated that while the gaming division of the company was productive in the last quarter, it is hard to forecast the industry’s future growth. An increase in supply could be beneficial for the graphics processing unit (or GPU) inventory. Rolland views this instance as a possible future tailwind for 2022. 

Rolland remained positive in NVDA and sees it as a pure and levered way of investing in future prospects for the GPU. We believe the device is undergoing a renaissance. 

TipRanks has over 7,000 analysts and is currently putting Rolland at No. 6. Stock ratings of his have yielded an average return of 56.9% and were successful 87% of times.  



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