Top salon explains how often you should be washing your hair with shampoo

Uh-oh, devotees of a rigorous hairwashing routine- there’s some bad news regarding your regime.

Top salon Bleach London has decreed that you don’t actually need to be shampooing your hair twice

“But my hair gets greasy really quickly,” you cry! Well, you might still be okay just washing it once.

The top salon – which has more than 300,000 followers shared a series of ‘hair myths’ on Instagram – and had some pretty important words of wisdom.

One of their followers asked if it was true that you have to shampoo twice.

They responded: “For your regular hair washing routine (once or twice a week) then one shampoo is plenty.

“If you’re shampooing out permanent hair dye or bleach, then two shampoos are perfect to really make sure there is no chemical buildup in the hair and make way for toner/SCC.”

You don’t need to be shampooing your hair twice

So, depending on what you’re trying to do, washing your hair once with shampoo might be enough.

And luckily, Bleach shared the positive benefits of having greasy hair, in case you’re not convinced.

One follower said: “Not washing your hair for a bit releases natural oils which are good so it’s ok to be greasy.”

The salon explained that the oils in your scalp are lipidic, which means they are fatty oils that are nourishing for your hair and scalp.

Brushing your hair regularly helps distribute these so these oils go through the hair shaft, so try to ensure you brush regularly.

Another using styling tip the salon shared could be useful for people who love to condition their hair.

It turns out, if you have fine hair or an oily scalp, putting conditioner on the roots means you may lose volume when you style.

But if your hair or scalp needs moisture, putting conditioner on your scalp can be beneficial, just ensure you rinse.

Check out the salon’s Instagram here for more hair myths.


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