Top 10 places where drivers are fined the most for parking tickets – is your town on the list?

COUNCILS are raking in £121k every DAY from parking fines – which is a whopping £5,083 every HOUR.

Local Authorities in the UK are making £45million per year from parking contraventions with the 1.3million charges dished out.

Islington Council earns the most per year through parking offences


Islington Council earns the most per year through parking offencesCredit: Getty – Contributor


If you’re caught committing a parking offence, you’re likely to receive a penalty charge notice (PCN), with some councils charging up to £130 – or more if it goes to court.

Islington Borough Council tops the list for making the most from parking offences, cashing in £1,235 ever hour for their parking fees, which is a huge £10.8 million through 227,225 each year.

Research by Rivervale Leasing shows that Manchester City Council comes in second place, making £13,128 every day.

The council earns £4.7 million a year from 152,222 parking contraventions annually, or £547 per hour.

Brighton and Hove council brings home the bronze, raking in £4.6million each year from PCN fines.

The seaside city gets around 121,582 fines on average – which equates to £12,611 per day or £526 per hour.

At the other end of the scale, Preston, Exeter and Allerdale councils dish out the fewest parking fines at only six PCNs per day, or 2,190 a year, on average.

Preston receives the least income from parking tickets at just £131 per day.

Statistics show that three out of five parking tickets are often successfully challenged, but they should not be appealed unless you have a valid reason.

PCNs should be paid within 28 days, otherwise the council will demand you pay the original fine, plus 50% more.

Different councils have their own ways of challenging a PCN, so make sure to follow government guidelines.

Bud Johnston, Group Marketing Manager at Rivervale said: “Never overlook a parking fine, whether it’s from a council or a private company.

“If you feel like your ticket has been issued unfairly, it’s best to go through the proper channels to appeal.

“Research shows that three in five tickets are challenged successfully, so you could have a chance of overturning an incorrect fine.

“However, think very carefully about your appeal and whether it’s worth it. Your fine could double or even triple if you take too long to pay.

“For free guidance, contact Citizens Advice or try forums like PePiPoo to get help with your parking ticket.”


These local councils are at teh bottom of the pile with parking fines:

  1. Preston –  £131 (6 tickets)
  2. Exeter – £145 (6 tickets)
  3. Allerdale – £147 (6 tickets)
  4. Belfast – £418 (11 tickets)
  5. Blackburn – £838 (35 tickets)
  6. Newport – £927 (31 tickets)
  7. Warrington – £1,021 (34 tickets)
  8. Wigan – £1,055 (38 tickets)
  9. Wolverhampton – £1,264 (54 tickets)
  10. Peterborough – £1,308 (46 tickets)
Couple fined by local council for pulling in to let on-coming cars through outside​ ​Swanscombe school


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