Tony Blair cosies up to Lib Dems over plans to stop Brexit – ‘Destroy two-party system!’

Lib Dem pledges to ignore the result of the vote to leave have given the party a clear message to send to voters, he said. “What will destroy the two-party system is if it becomes clear that the two main parties have moved so far away from the centre that the gap in the centre has to be filled in order to be representative of the state of opinion,” he told Radio 4’s Today programme. “You only have to look at the Liberal Democrats now, at their party conference. For the first time in a long time, they are looking a much more serious group of people.

“They have got a coherent argument. If I was the two main parties at the moment, I would worry a lot about that.”

Mr Blair denied he was being “pulled” towards joining another party, but said there is a “great level of frustration about where the Labour Party is and where the Conservative Party has gone to”.

He added: “Politics, at one level, is like any other profession. If you spend your life thinking about it, working on it, and studying it, you probably know more about politics than somebody who doesn’t.

“In any other walk of life, we’d say that’s natural, in politics we describe that as elitist.”


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