Tom Brady Reveals His Thoughts on Game Day Sex With Gisele Bündchen

It’s not everyday Tom Brady kisses and tells. 

Before kicking off a brand-new football season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the NFL star participated in a candid interview with Dax Shepard. While appearing on the Armchair Expert podcast, Tom was asked a personal question about his relationship with wife Gisele Bündchen.

“I’m going to ask a single Howard Stern-esque question,” Dax began. “And that is, do you make love to your wife on a game day or is that off the table?”

After letting out a chuckle, Tom provided a glimpse into his mindset. “Oh man, that’s probably off the table,” he confessed. “I wouldn’t say its probably never happened but I don’t think that would be the moment.”

“That wouldn’t be my pre-game warm-up,” Tom added. 

For the record, there’s plenty of romance to go around when it comes to Tom and Gisele’s love story. After all, the pair celebrated their 11-year anniversary this past February.


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