Tipping Point's Ben Shepard left in stitches over contestant's 'Loch Ness' answer

Ben Shephard was left in fits of laughter after a Tipping Point contestant incorrectly claimed the Loch Ness monster was a type of snake.

Contestant Josh was asked to name the native British snake, which is a member of the viper family, that has red eyes and a ‘distinctive zig zag pattern’ on the ITV show, the Mirror reports.

The student from Manchester was certain he knew the answer to this one, so he slammed the buzzer first.

But as the camera panned round to him, he then claimed that the answer was Nessie.

Ben Shephard was left in stitches at the answer

Host Ben was left in stitches at the answer and struggled to regain his composure as he revealed the answer was in fact an adder.

On the show, which aired on Wednesday, Ben asked: “A member of the viper family, which native British snake has red eyes and a distinct zig-zag type pattern?”

Josh, who at that time had £0 banked, said: “The Loch Ness monster.”

A giggling Ben then said: “It’s not the loch ness monster no. Which native British snake has red eyes and a distinctive zig-zag type pattern down its back? Not Loch Ness no.

Josh was gutted after finding out the answer was wrong

“Adder, that’s what I was looking for. I enjoyed your answer far more though.”

Supposed sightings of the mythical Scottish sea creature appear to have grown in recent years.

In November last year, a Loch Ness monster hunter captured new images he believes to show the beast.

Eoin O’Faodhagin claims to have spotted something dipping beneath the waters as a cruise ship approached on Loch Ness.

In the footage, a boat appears to approach a shape in the water which then ‘dives under’ according to him.


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