Tiny bunny rescued after travelling 200 miles hidden inside a hay bale

The kit was found hidden in a bale of hay (Picture: @wildlifeaid)

A four-week old rabbit has been saved after going on quite a journey.

The tiny creature ended up hiding in a hay bale in the back of a lorry and travelled over 216 miles from Wales to Surrey.

It was nestled deep in the hay and was found by a worker at the farm in Guildford when the bales were unloaded and opened.

Despite the lengthy trip, the bunny was quite happily eating its surroundings.

It was rescued by staff from Wildlife Aid Foundation, based in Leatherhead.

As it had been separated from his family, it will now have to be hand-raised until it’s strong enough to be released into the wild.

Posting on Facebook, the Foundation said: ‘Unintentionally stolen away from its family, this beautiful young rabbit kit becomes one of our latest orphans of the 2021 season.

‘Arriving at a local farm amongst a delivery of hay bales, the youngster had travelled an enormous 216 miles, all the way from Wales!

‘Sadly, after such a long time away from its parents, and with the nest no longer in situ, a family reunion would prove impossible.

‘Fortunately, we have the help of specialist orphan carers for situations such as this. So, the young bunny was transferred to Angela, who will now care for it, until it’s old enough to survive alone in the wild.’

The Foundation is asking for donations to help them care for the tiny rabbit and the other animals they’ve rescued.

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