TikTok signs first African influencer partnership with SA-inspired company

You could benefit as TikTok expands its African footprint. The Money Show interviews Webfluential CEO Ryan Silberman.

Social media app TikTok is wildly popular across the globe.

At last count it’s available in 75 languages in 150 markets.

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Now TikTok’s announced a partnership with influencer marketing platform to collaborate with content creators on the African continent.

“We selected Webfluential as our partner in Africa to scale our offering to more African brands and agencies”.

Bruce Whitfield chats to Webfluential CEO Ryan Silberman.

We connect brands from anywhere in the world with influencers, also from anywhere in the world.

Ryan Silberman, CEO – Webfluential

Silberman highlights Tiktok’s enormous growth over the last two years.

The latest report was over 2 billion downloads in April of this year.

Ryan Silberman, CEO – Webfluential

The centre of their platform revolves around their creatives, or influencers… and in Africa, our platform has access to over 500 million consumers through our network of influencers.

Ryan Silberman, CEO – Webfluential

We partnered with TikTok to scale the ability for brands and agencies to actually work with creatives on TikTok.

Ryan Silberman, CEO – Webfluential

Since starting off with celebrities, the world of influencers is evolving to include different levels.

This means influencers across all spectrums can now actually earn a living, Silberman says.

We call this the creator economy which is driving many different new types of businesses… If you’re passionate about a particular topic and you’re creating content or thought leadership around that topic then your audience is tuning in for your expertise…

Ryan Silberman, CEO – Webfluential

For more on the role of influencers, listen to the interview below:

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