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Thrive Market Really Does Make Healthy Living Easy

Thrive Market Really Does Make Healthy Living Easy

The first thing that made it so amazing was how Thrive Market makes it so easy to find food based on your dietary needs. Whether you’re Paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free or sugar-free, or vegan (with other annoying restrictions) like us, one click of a category link revealed a plethora of options that meet your needs across every category you can think of. Whether it’s snacks, one-pot meals, organic wines, or products you never even imagined you’d ever want, Thrive Market makes it super simple to find your favorites, and discover new ones. And when you find things you love, you can save them in your favorites list and even create categories to manage them, making for a super easy grocery list to shop when you need to.

But going back to discovering new products: we’ve discovered so many things we now love, like Lotus Pops and seaweed jerky (don’t wrinkle your nose, it’s better than it sounds) and even goodies from Thrive Market’s house brand. They have everything from spices to blue corn chips to Keto-friendly chocolates and more. We particularly love their pasta sauces, like the tomato with roasted garlic (which constantly sells out)! Thanks to Thrive Market, our pantries and fridges are stocked (though we get our produce from a CSA).

And the prices really are incredible, with a promise of savings up to $32 per order. We’ve found tons of products that usually line the shelves of Whole Foods and the like for a fraction of the price at Thrive Market, and they often feature promotions where certain brands or products associated with dietary needs go on sale. And if you find an item you love somewhere else for cheaper, Thrive Market will match the price.

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