This week’s poll: SUVs and CO2 emissions

How could the increase in carbon dioxide emissions linked to the popularity of large vehicles such as SUVs be countered?

A modified Hexa SUV took part in UK Autodrive, the UK’s largest trial of
connected and driverless car technologies

As The Engineer reported yesterday, the UK Energy Research Centre has highlighted the role of increasing popularity of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in preventing overall carbon dioxide emissions from transport from declining, and suggests that sales of such vehicles should be reduced. Some of our readers have already commented with explanations as to why SUVs have become more popular. We would like to know how our readers believe that emissions from these vehicles could be tackled.


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The most effective way might seem to be to limit sales of this kind of vehicle, either by legislation on automotive manufacturers or financial disincentives. Another way might be to encourage the development of zero emissions (e.g. battery only) SUVs. Yet another might be to end the freeze on increasing fuel duty to make it less attractive to own such petrol-hungry vehicles. Possibly for the development of petrol engines to make them even more efficient might be an answer.

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