This priest makes the funniest TikTok videos on his ‘Jesus stan account’

David is having a ‘hot priest summer’ (Picture: TikTok/@davidwpeters)

Attention, all: We’ve done it. We’ve found the funniest priest.

Friar David W Peters has gone viral after hilariously using video-sharing app TikTok to spread the message of faith.

You say hot girl summer, David says hot priest summer.

Instead of completing his true aim – drawing people to religion – the author, Episcopalian priest and one-time marine, has racked up followers on social media.

The 41-year-old from Austin, Texas, didn’t mean to become the online sensation he is, but he doesn’t mind the attention.

Now he regularly updates his accounts, creating a brilliant mash-up of parody, satire and plain old silly videos for his followers.

David deploys what he calls ‘churchy’ humour and is fluent in internet lingo. In fact, his TikTok bio reads: ‘VSCO Girl for Jesus. Jesus Stan account’.

David, who was previously deployed in Iraq, told ‘The Jesus Stan account language is just how people talk about celebrities these days and I’ve dedicated my life to following Jesus, so I do stan.

‘Youth language shifts so fast so I’ll probably have to change that in a week or so.’

The videos began as part of a personal assignment to attract a wider audience for his church in the Diocese of Texas, Pflugerville.

Davd has a ‘Jesus stan account’ (Picture: TikTok/@davidwpeters)

David was already using Instagram videos with that purpose and soon shifted to the format of TikTok.

He added: ‘I got on the app and saw a lot of pastors and Christians as well as people of other faiths, so I thought, why not me?

‘I don’t spend a lot of time making the videos. The outfit change one took the longest.’

In that video, captioned with ‘outfits I’m afraid to wear (out of the sacristy)’, he is seen changing between church vestments with his signature infectious smile.

David says he is becoming internet savvy by consuming lots of content.

‘I think each social media platform has its own language and I try to speak the language of the people I’m ministering too. This is true in my context in Pflugerville and on TikTok.’

Have we mentioned we stan this legend?

His methods are so much better than those people stopping you in the streets and asking you to remember Jesus.

Maybe those folks need to get on TikTok too.

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