This Is Us Season 5 is *finally* coming to the UK, here's everything you need to know

Grab the tissues, This Is Us is finally coming back for its fifth instalment. That’s right, the TV show that has us blubbering into our popcorn every single episode is coming to Amazon Prime on 28th October.

The Pearson siblings will reunite for a hotly-anticipated fifth season, bringing back their winning formula of tear-jerking moments, heartwarming scenes and life-affirming action.

From the writers of Crazy, Stupid, Love, the first two episodes of This Is Us will be available to air on the 28th October with new episodes dropping every Wednesday thereon after.

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So what can we expect from the show’s long-awaited return? Series creator Dan Fogelman has revealed it will focus on “new beginnings”. “I would call it almost a rebirth that will come next season. [There will be] a lot of new beginnings and particularly the words birth and rebirth are going to be a big thematic part of next season,” he said.

Despite the show typically avoiding real-life news, reports have suggested this series will attempt to incorporate current events such as Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter. “We’re mindful and we’re hopeful that we can get something right here,” Dan revealed during a panel for Entertainment Weekly. Taking to Twitter, he also said: “Yes on Covid. We’ve decided to attack things head on.”

Last month, Sterling K. Brown spoke to People about howThis Is Uswill approach Black Lives Matter. “It was as huge from a writer’s perspective as it was from mine. I think Randall offers such a unique perspective. Being a Black man raised in a white family, there’s a very specific prism through which he sees the world, and I think the writers have captured it brilliantly,” he says. “Our first two episodes are outstanding. As long as we, as actors, are able to execute what the writing has provided us an opportunity to do, I think our fans will be very, very, very happy.”

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If you thought the good news was enough, Dan has assured viewers that season six is on the cards too. “There’s something big that happens. We have our entire plan mapped out for seasons five and six.”

We cannot wait to see what’s in store for the Pearson family. The countdown is officially on!

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