Third of millennials have already had FIVE jobs before they turn 34 and plan to move careers within two years, report claims

ALMOST a third of ­millennials have already had more than five jobs, a report reveals today.

The average for the 18 to 34 age group is already 3.4 compared with 5.9 for over-55s, the study shows.

 Almost a third of millennials have already had five jobs

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Almost a third of millennials have already had five jobs

More than half of millennials also plan to move jobs within two years, and a third in the next 12 months. Researchers insist it shows that a “job for life” is well and truly over.

Two-thirds of millennials also aim to move sectors compared to just 39 per cent of 35 to 55s, the poll of 2,000 staff showed.

More than eight in ten over-55s cite salary as one of their top three motivations for choosing a new role compared with 67 per cent of millennials.

Women are far more likely to want flexible working with 46 per cent saying it was a priority compared with 29 per cent of men.

Ben Chatfield, chief exec of technology firm Tempo which carried out the research, said: “Employers have found it notoriously difficult to understand millennials and their outlook on work. As a consequence, they have struggled to meet their needs.”

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He added: “This generation has a different appetite for learning and self-improvement.

“They don’t see a portfolio career as ‘job hopping’ as older generations might. Instead, change is an opportunity to develop key skills and try something new.”

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