Mr Farage gave a furious speech as part of a Brexit Party rally in Durham that saw him blast Conservative and Labour Party MPs that attempts to force Prime Minister Theresa May’s hand to grant a second referendum despite 52 percent of the UK voting to leave. He said: “Those MPs don’t want to leave, those MPs want to remain, those MPs want to force you into voting for a second referendum and worst of all, those MPs look own upon you, they think you’re morons, they tell you you didn’t know what you voted for an can I say on your behalf and on behalf of leavers across all of the United Kingdom the hell with you. “We knew what we were voting for.”

His words were met with thunderous applause from a roaring crowd.

Mr Farage’s words come as it was today revealed his Brexit Party is tipped to scoop more votes in the the upcoming European elections than both the Tory Party an Labour combined.

In the latest Opinium Research poll asking Britons who they would vote for in the May 23 election, an eye-watering 34 percent said they would tick the box next to the Brexit Party on the voter card.

Shockingly, just 21 percent said they would vote for Labour an and embarrassing 11 percent would vote for the Conservatives.

Up to 12 percent said the Lib Dems would get their vote, while Change UK – the Remainer Party whose logo was famously rejected by the Electoral Commission because it had a hashtag in it therefore “misleading voters” – had just three percent of votes.

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Ukip got four percent of votes in the poll from the Observer.

Up to 2,004 people took part between May 8 to 10.

The results of the research also show that votes for the booming Brexit Party are up by six percent.

And much to the delight of Brexiteers, the poll also revealed the Brexit Party is just one point off being level with the Tories on General Election voting intention. In the same poll, 21 percent of participants would vote for the Brexit Party, while 22 would vote Conservative.



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