These supersized products makes shopping for beauty so much more sustainable

In a bid to live more sustainably, we’ve all had to reexamine our shopping habits, including when it comes to buying our beauty products. Some of us have decided to go plastic-free to help reduce the issue of ocean pollution, choosing products that come in compostable or biodegradable packaging instead. Some of us have become more conscious of the ingredients inside our beauty products, making sure to avoid any formula that contains microplastics or chemicals that can be harmful to the environment like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Now, there’s another way to make your beauty regime more sustainable – and it’ll save you money, too.

Introducing super-sized beauty, the growing trend that sees your favourite skincare, hair and everyday personal care products available in bumper sizes. Why? Well, by selling larger quantities, you reduce the number of orders, which means less emissions from deliveries as well as less packaging and, in the case of refills, fewer plastic pumps. Plus, bulk buying your everyday products means you’re less likely to run out or be caught without, and some brands are even offering a subscription service so you’ll never even need to think about top ups again. Oh, and you’ll probably save money too, not only avoiding as many delivery fees but bulk buying means you get more of your favourite products for less.

From hand wash, to shampoo and conditioners, to body moisturisers and deodorants, keep scrolling to find out all about the best super-sized beauty products to order now and start transforming your regime into a more sustainable one.

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