These are the most popular under-the-radar beauty treatments (and they'll really surprise you)

We’re getting savvier about where we spend our money. As far as our beauty treatments go, we’re seeking out more complicated and specific services than ever before. It’s probably why Europe’s largest hair and beauty bookings website, Treatwell, has reported a 9% downtick in appointments for facial massages in its Insights and Beauty Trends Report 2019/2020. Thanks to at-home tools like rollers and gua shas, alongside the wealth of information available at our fingertips, we’re taking regimes like this in house.

So, what are we willing to part with our cash for? Unsurprisingly, gel manicures and eyelash extensions remain a staple – Russian lashes, for instance, which see between two and eight lash inserts placed around each natural lash to massively increase volume, has seen a 794% surge in searches on Treatwell’s site. But there are a number of under-the-radar treatments that have swelled in popularity over 2019 and are only set to grow in 2020. Here’s what you need to know.


Up 621% since last year, dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that involves using a surgical scalp to scrape away dead cells and fine hairs from the skin’s surface (far less scary or painful than it sounds). It’s designed to help aid the better absorption of your products and to promote brighter skin.

Tooth jewellery

Tooth gems may seem very P!nk, circa 1999, but they’re making a comeback with celebs like Hailey Bieber, Adwoa Aboah and Rita Ora giving them a spin recently. In fact, the treatment, which sees gemstones being adhered to incisors temporarily, has seen a whopping 971% increase this year alone.

Brow lamination

Brows are already big news with threading, shaping and microblading cementing themselves as top-requested treatments, but there’s a new iteration in town. Searches for brow lamination have grown by 465% since last year. The technique promises even fuller looking brows and involves hairs being brushed straight up, secured into place with a styling solution (which helps to straighten) and then swept into the ideal shape using a spoolie to ensure symmetry and long-lasting hold.


Favoured by those looking to replace traditional waxes with something a little more natural, sugaring – which removes hair by using a combination of sugar and water – was one of last years top-growing treatments, with searches up by 300%. This year it’s grown by a further 91% on top of that. Depending on where you go (some salons also combine honey and other don’t), it can offer up a vegan-friendly beauty treatment and bonus, it provides gentle exfoliation and smells delicious.


Cryotherapy is effectively the opposite of a sauna. You enter a chamber where your blasted by frozen air, with temperatures set as low as low as -100. Why? It helps stimulate blood flow and circulation which can help with pain relief. It triggers endorphins and it’s said to burn calories. Though it isn’t exactly new, it continues to perform well and has added to its past success with an extra 41% increase in searches throughout this year.


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