These are the biggest winter haircuts set to explode all the way into next year

If you ask me, autumn and winter is where our hair really comes into its own. Rather than scraping it back off of our faces, we can leave it free-flowing to do its thang. We have the chance to give it the TLC it deserves after being frazzled the season before, and nourish it back into peak condition. Which is why, you’re really want an incredible cut to show it off.

To ensure you’re bang on trend, we spoke to some of the UK’s top hair stylists to get their take on what’s going to make the cut (see what we did there?) looking ahead to winter and into next year. Here’s the best haircuts to consider, whatever your length and texture.

The modern mullet

“Lots of people have finally got to their dream length and now want to know how to keep the length whilst keeping it cool,” says top hair stylist, Larry King (whose clients include Dua Lipa, Niall Horan and Winnie Harlow). Following on from the shag trend that’s been taking off over autumn, “there is a strong direction for the revival of the mullet which can send people running for the hills, however this mullet is very wearable. A wide fringe and visible layers can really open up the face and define your whole style. Taking you from safe to uber cool in just a few snips.”

The luxe mane

As for those who have managed to achieve the length they want, but are worried about it looking straggly, there’s a cut for you, too. “When my clients with longer hair say that they don’t want a haircut, what they really mean is that they don’t want to lose the length,” explains George Northwood (the man behind Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s manes). “So I do what I call an ‘invisible trim’, which involves simply dusting off any split ends. I’ll give every single strand of hair a trim, but it will literally be the tiniest trim ever. This will make a big difference to the top layer of hair, which sees the sun the most and so gets the most damaged and will keep your longer style looking neat and sleek.

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The illusion of length

“Another signature style of mine is to cut shorter sections of hair around the front which adds definition and frames the face, giving the illusion of length to the rest of the hair,” says George.

Nicholas Hardwick, Principal Stylist at Josh Wood Colour agrees. “I love experimenting with different techniques to encourage a fresher, more current style while maintaining length,” he says. “My favourite is shortening the layers towards the front of the haircut resulting in a “horseshoe shape” through the length. Depending on how long your hair is, this can be anything from a bit of face framing to collarbone-length sections and opens up the very important front area (face, neck, chest etc) beautifully.”

“I also love adding long layers that are barely visible (as not to take away from the length) giving life throughout the hairstyle and encouraging root lift to give hair shape and movement,” says Nicholas, “like the hair cut equivalent of a wind machine.”

The textured midi

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If you’re rocking a midi length, “again, more noticeable layers are great,” says Larry. “Shorter layers will give you an edgier look and they look great with a range of textures.”

George agrees, “instead of the midi cut being too structured, I think we will continue to see a softer, more textured look. Opt for a well-trimmed, strong base line, with shape around the front.” And if you want some more oomf, “a nice soft loose tong is a great way to add texture and volume to this hair length,” he says.

The curly fringe

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Curly-haired girls will know, a decent cut makes all the difference. Rather than one-size fits all, it calls for a more individual approach, especially since one head of curls can have multiple different textures. Cutting curl by curl will ensure the overall texture shape looks its absolute best. “Curly cuts can be shaped so wonderfully,” says Nicholas. “If shorter (collarbone or above) carving the curls to stack into whatever shape suits the face combined with bangs are some of my favourite cuts for curly hair.” Larry seconds this: “don’t be afraid of a curly fringe. Anything from super wide to short micro looks great.”

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Crafted curls

Placement is everything when it comes to curly and coily hair. “If your hair is longer, ensuring the correct amount of layers and placement of layers will encourage root lift (avoiding the dreaded triangle),” explains Nicholas. To really make the most of your natural texture, choose a stylist that’s not too trigger happy. “When cutting, less is best,” says Nicholas. “When that curly hair springs back into shape (and it will) what was long will be a heck of a lot shorter.” That’s not to say layers won’t work well on curly hair, on the contrary, “layers will enhance the curl,” says Larry. “Just ask your stylist to cut your hair from wet to dry, so they can see the shape forming while the curls take their natural form and will allow for shrinkage when they dry.”

The undone bob

As for the biggest bob trends, the blunt bob is still very much going strong, but for those worrying about upkeep, the more relaxed, “undone bob” is super forgiving as it grows out.
“I like to think that the effortless, undone bob will continue to be popular going into 2021,” says George. Thanks to his work with Alexa, it remains one of his most requested styles. “We have a lot of clients that come into the salon to request it time and time again, I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere. It’s such an easily maintained style that is super chic, yet relaxed and doesn’t look like you’ve made loads of effort.”

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Short and soft

If you’re thinking of going for a big chop, Larry recommends a crop that’s “super soft around the neck line,” and pairing it with a “heavy, choppy fringe,” citing Lori Petty in Pointbreak for inspiration. And a feathered, slightly overgrown pixie cut is softer way of wearing the style for winter.

Something textured

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If you’re looking for a minimal maintenance style that can weather a second lockdown, Larry advises avoiding anything that’s too blunt cut, “as this is more difficult to redo yourself in the worst case scenario.” Instead, “something textured will hide a multitude of mistakes if you really feel the need to have a go at home. However remember all your hair salons rely on your business and would much rather you wait till we’re back.”

The chunky fringe

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Florence Welch, eat your heart out. Seventies styles are very much back for autumn/winter 2020, which means luxuriously chunky fringes are making a return. “It really depends on the face shape, but I’m loving really heavy textured fringes,” says Larry.

The wide fringe

Another way to go, is wider. “I think wider-cut fringes exposing the cheek bones and choppy micro fringes will be a big trend next year,” says Larry. But you read it here first, so you can get ahead of the game.


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