These are the 15 most popular paint colours on Instagram

Instagram’s most popular paint colours (Picture:

Need some inspiration for what colour to paint your home?

A recent study has revealed the most popular paint colours on Instagram.

By looking at the number of people hashtagging the shade of their paint, found people are loving Paris Grey by Zoffany, with 23,971 hashtags.

The neutral shade comes in three finishes – elite emulsion, acrylic eggshell and oil eggshell.

Other popular soft tones include French Grey by Little Green, Purbeck Stone and Skimming Stone by Farrow and Ball and Polished Pebel by Dulux.

People are also loving darker colours like Green Smoke and Bancha by Farrow and Ball and blue tones like Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, Denim Draft by Dulux and De Nimes by Farrow and Ball.

If you’re looking for a pink shade, Jitney, Setting Plaster and Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball are regularly used in Instagram homes.

And for a brighter choice, Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2019 named Spiced Honey has been tagged over 7,000 times.

Alex Willcocks, the Director of Burbeck Interiors, reveals why each shade works for modern homes.

15. Chic Shadow – Dulux

Chic Shadow (Picture: Dulux)

Alex Wilcocks says: ‘One of the most popular shades of grey, as it is bold, yet subtle. It works best when paired with both bright and dark colours, so match yellows with blacks, and blues with dark browns.

‘It also creates a calming emotion and is a grey that works nicely with metallics.’

14: De Nimes – Farrow and Ball

De Nimes (Picture: Farrow and Ball)

‘This is elegant, stylish, and instantly uplifts any room. It has a royal feel to it and holds dominion over other shades,’ Alex says.

‘It works particularly well against oak wood and natural, rustic elements.’

13: Setting Plaster – Farrow and Ball

Setting Plaster (Picture: Farrow and Ball)

Alex explains: ‘This is a beautiful backdrop colour, and is more popular in older, larger houses and rooms.

‘It works well with darker browns, and creams, and light greys for a more modern look. It almost gives a historic feel when added to a room, and makes you feel welcome.’

12: Polished Pebble – Dulux

Polished Pebble (Picture: Dulux)

Alex says: ‘Polished Pebble is a popular colour as it opens space, and makes a room feel bigger and brighter.

‘It’s a good colour for staircases, hallways, reception areas and porches, and reflects the light well.’

11: Skimming Stone – Farrow and Ball

Skimming Stone (Picture: Farrow and Ball )

‘This colour is particularly popular for bathrooms, or bedrooms,’ Alex says.

‘It can be dressed up, or down, though brighter colours tend to work best for a modernised look.

‘Match with wooden floors, soft furniture and dramatic wall accessories, such as paintings and large mirrors. It is also popular due to the clean finish it provides.’

10: Purbeck Stone – Farrow and Ball

Purbeck Stone (Picture: Farrow and Ball)

‘Neutral and natural colours will always be popular. They make you feel safe, you can accessorise them with most colours, and you can use them to inject personality into your home.

‘Homes with neutral colours are also more likely to sell when on the market. It works in any room, any style of home and with any theme,’ Alex adds.

9: Spiced Honey – Dulux

Spiced Honey (Picture: Dulux)

Alex explains: ‘This is a relaxing colour, ideal for bedrooms, meditation rooms, or yoga studios.

‘It’s popular because it creates a laid-back luxury. It’s great when paired with undertones to bring it down.

‘It doesn’t work with louder colours that lift. Pair with darker hues of browns, blacks, and oranges.’

8: Denim Drift – Dulux

Denim Drift (Picture: Dulux)

‘Denim Drift has been a popular colour for many years, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere,’ Alex says.

‘It’s popular because it is incredibly versatile and can be styled and accessorised in many ways.

‘It’s a fun colour and can be utilised in any room to add personality.’

7: Hale Navy – Benjamin Moore

‘Hale Navy is the perfect colour for kitchens and dining rooms,’ Alex says.

‘Whether it’s for a statement wall, or cupboard doors, this hue breathes a lot of energy into the space and is incredibly stylish.

‘It also works well for exteriors, and front doors, or smaller porch areas. The colour is strong and gives off a feeling of power and strength.’

6: Sulking Room Pink – Farrow and Ball

Sulking Pink Room (Picture: Farrow and Ball)

‘This is soft and warm, without being overpowering. It works best with creams, and greys, as well as overly bold and bright colours, which makes it even more appealing,’ Alex says.’

5: Jitney – Farrow and Ball

Jitney (Picture: Farrow and Ball)

This earthy brown works well for high walls, or in homes by the sea. The colour gives off relaxing vibes and creates a more traditional feel.

I would recommend using bold and stylish furniture to lift the colour and bring it to life.

4: Bancha – Farrow and Ball

Bancha (Picture: Farrow and Ball)

Alex adds: ‘Bancha is great for a statement wall and is popular in rooms that are well-lit, or window heavy. It’s a strong colour and creates a Zen-like atmosphere in a room.

‘Browns, pinks, and creams are natural compliments, and it works well with a minimalist style.’

3: French Grey – Little Greene

French Grey (Picture: Little Greene)

Alex says: ‘This colour provides both green and grey hues, which looks great when well-lit.

‘The colour is popular because it brings a room to life. It’s soothing, so works well in living rooms, bedrooms, and guest rooms. It’s also a great exterior colour, or for garden furniture.’

2: Green Smoke – Farrow and Ball

Green Smoke (Picture: Farrow and Ball)

‘This colour is popular for country homes and exteriors. It adds a subtle pop of colour, and works particularly well in kitchens, or bathrooms. It’s usually chosen as it works for all seasons, and rarely needs updating,’ Alex says.

1: Paris Grey -Zoffrany

Paris Grey (Picture: DesignerPaint.Com)

Alex says: ‘Paris Grey is a soft gentle colour, inspired by the elegant chateaux or old Swedish manors.

‘It’s popular due to its versatility and simplicity. It is easy to accessorise and works well in all rooms.’

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