These are all the high street pieces you need to recreate the most epic 'Emily in Paris' looks

If you’ve had your eye on social media or the Netflix homepage over the last few days, you’ll likely have caught wind of the fact that there’s a new ‘it’ show in town.

Well, not quite ‘in town’. Rather, in the most beautiful city in the world. The fashion capital. The city of love. Clocked it? Mais oui! Of course you have.

Emily in Paris finally launched over the weekend after much anticipation, and unsurprisingly the ten-episode Netflix hit – which was masterminded by Darren Star, the man behind Sex and the City – boasts more than its fair share of major fashion moments.

Whether you’re into her style or not, lead character Emily – who is played by the brilliant Lily Collins – certainly has a distinctive aesthetic. Having clearly never been concerned about a risqué clashing print, punchy pattern or minuscule hemline, she is a sartorial breath of fresh air – particularly for the majority of us still stuck working from home in a pair of tracksuit bottoms.

Even more refreshingly Patricia Field – the legendary costume designer behind each outfit – incorporated looks from contemporary labels and current seasons which offered up something of a fun quiz for the more devoted fashion fans tuning in who keenly spied a Ganni look here, a Chanel coat there.

But while spotting a recognisable designer piece is all fun and games, realising that the outfits are several hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds out of reach likely brought you back to reality with a painful thud.

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Which is why (and you can thank us later) we took it upon ourselves to scour the high street in order to find viable alternatives to some of the show’s most memorable looks that are a little more friendly on the old pursestrings.

Scroll down to shop Emily’s style *without* having to remortgage your home…



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