The Walking Dead: The Final Season has a free demo

The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Clementine’s last adventure

Telltale Games has released a free glimpse at the new Walking Dead adventure, but you won’t need to put too much time aside to play it…

It’s six years now since Telltale released the first Walking Dead game and changed both their fortunes and the nature of video game storytelling.

The original is still arguably the best thing they’ve ever done, at least in terms of non-comedies, and there’s been a sense of slowly shrinking returns ever since.

But they’re determined to go out on a high and now you can judge for yourself with a free demo of the ‘Final Season’. Although there’s one catch… It’s only 15 minutes long.

The demo’s available now and gives a quick glimpse at new features such as the over-the-shoulder camera, less QTE heavy combat system, and the new art style meant to more closely emulate the comics (the series has never been based on the TV show).

Unfortunately it’s still the same old graphics engine underneath, although Telltale promise this will be the last game to use it.

Episode One of the new four-episode season starts on August 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC – with a Switch version to come later this year.

If you pre-order before launch you can also get instant access to all 19 episodes of the previous seasons, which is a pretty good deal.

As to whether this is really the final season or not, Telltale has admitted that while it’s the last one that series Clementine will be in that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t make new games with other characters.

Even if they do it won’t be any time soon though, as the next games on their slate are seasons two of The Wolf Among Us and Game Of Thrones, plus their first Stranger Things game. None of which are expected to be released until next year.

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