The vegan, cruelty-free guide to skincare: Moisturisers

Take your pick, huns (Picture: Utopia, Neal’s Yard, Nip+Fab, The Ordinary, Sukin)

Dry face? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re in need of a new moisturiser but you’re vegan and not sure which ones you’re allowed to buy, then we’ve done you a solid by testing some out for you.

We’ve only included brands that are 100% cruelty-free, and who don’t sell their products in countries which require animal testing (like China), as we believe allowing other people to test for you means you’re putting profit over animals.

We have, however, included brands which are cruelty-free, but that do sell other products containing animal derivatives, as every vegan is different and some would rather shop at a solely vegan brand, while others don’t mind so long as their particular product is vegan.

We’ve indicated which companies are fully vegan clearly.

There’s also a list at the end of the article of pesky animal ingredients to look out for when buying new skincare.

So, without further ado, here are some moisturisers you might want to add to your bathroom cabinet.

1. Ultra moisture day cream, REN, £33 for 50ml

(Picture: REN)

‘I love REN products and this was no different – it’s moisturising without being too heavy, so is great for the day.

‘You do need to wear SPF on top though, so it’s best to find a really light SPF so as not to overload your skin.’

Is REN 100% vegan? Not all of them, find out which ones here.


(Picture: Utopia)

‘These moisturisers were of a nice consistency, and they smelt nice.

‘They definitely made my skin feel soft and hydrated, but I’m not sure I’d buy them again at that price.

‘I think there are just as good cheaper alternatives.’

Is Utopia 100% vegan? Yes.


3. Jasmine enriching cream, Neal’s Yard,  £24 for 50g

(Picture: Neal’s Yard)

‘This is great for my super dry skin, and smells delicious. It absorbs really well and keeps my skin moisturised all day.

‘The jar looks lovely on my dressing table.’

Is Neal’s Yard 100% vegan? No, beeswax is in some products. Find out more here.


4. Daily essential moisturiser SPF 50+, Alpha-H, £29 for 50ml

(Picture: Alpha-H)

‘I started using Alpha-H when a dermatologist recommended it as an SPF moisturiser for my acne, as it’s non-comedogenic so doesn’t clog pores.

‘It’s high SPF but doesn’t leave a ghostly white layer, like some SPFs do, and it also sinks in nicely, not leaving a greasy sheen.

‘Big fan.’

Is Alpha-H 100% vegan? No. Some of their products contain things like silk, keratin and beeswax. Find out which ones here.


5. B. Radiant night cream, Superdrug, £11.99 for 50ml

(Picture: Superdrug)

‘This cream is pretty rich without feeling like it’s clogging your pores, which is surprising.

‘It feels really luxurious and is a lovely one to massage into your skin before bed.

‘It’s aimed at people in their 30s and 40s, and it does feel like it’s softening early wrinkles a bit.’

Is B 100% vegan? Yes.


6. Super greens nutrient rich facial moisturiser, Boots, £9.95 for 125ml

The vegan, cruelty-free guide to skincare: Moisturisers

‘LOVE this. Feels a little watery going on and takes a little while to absorb completely but it’s not greasy or slimy once it does, and I feel like it has made a genuine and notable difference to the texture, softness and…yes, I’m going to say it: the plumpness of my skin.

‘A little goes a long way, and my skin felt noticeably softer for hours after application.  The packaging is ‘meh’ and while I didn’t mind the scent, it’s doesn’t make you ooh (or indeed ahh).

‘All that said, I am a convert and for the price, it’s amazing.’

Is Sukin 100% vegan? Yes.


7. Celestial moisturiser, Lush, £14.95 for 45g

(Picture: Lush)

‘Lush is obviously #beautybae so I’m a big fan of everything.

‘I don’t usually use moisturisers because I’m a cave woman but if I did it would probably be something like this from Lush; light, good fragrance, and leaves your face moisturised rather than dry after initial wear, which is what I’ve found with other creams I’ve tried.’

Is Lush 100% vegan? No, around 80% of Lush products are but some still contain things like milk and honey.


8. Original moisturiser, Bulldog, £6 for 100ml

(Picture: Bulldog)

‘This moisturiser is amazing. I have combination skin and I have used it for a week now and it hasn’t left my face oily or over dry.’

Is Bulldog 100% vegan? Yes.


9. Post-glycolic fix moisturiser SPF 30, Nip + Fab, £18.95 for 40ml

(Picture: Nip+Fab)

‘This is such a lovely moisturiser to put on in the morning as it has a really zingy, grapefruit scent that wakes you up a bit.

‘It feels quite thick, but not in a bad way, as it goes on matte, but still feels like it’s delivering enough moisture, unlike most matte moisturisers I’ve tried.

‘Love that it’s got SPF 30, which is due this being a partner product for Nip+Fab’s glycolic fix radiance shot (£19.95 for 30ml) where you need to make sure you’re protecting your baby fresh skin from the sun.’

Is Nip+Fab 100% vegan? No, some of their products contain animal derivatives, and a list can be found here.


10. Vitamin E intense moisture cream, The Body Shop, £14 for 50ml

(Picture: The Body Shop)

‘One of the things I noticed first about this cream is how lightweight it is. It kind of just glides on the skin so effortlessly; you won’t be rubbing it in for ages.

‘It’s ideal for dry skin and locks in moisture for a while (I wash my face frequently so wasn’t able to benefit from the 48-hour moisture infusion it promises).

‘I also cheekily used it on my arms and was happy again. I would recommend it.’

Is The Body Shop 100% vegan? No, some of their products contain animal by-products like beeswax.


11. Radiance day cream, Urban Veda, £18.99 for 50ml

(Picture: Urban Veda)

‘This was really rich but not over whelming on my dry skin. It smells great, and my make up sits well on top of it.

‘I’m not sure that it made me quite as luminous as it claimed it would, but when do they ever?

‘I would cheerfully keep using it. Plus it worked a treat on my sunburned shoulders when I was stuck without any aftersun.’

Is Urban Veda 100% vegan? Yes.

12. Marine hyaluronics, The Ordinary, £5.90 for 30ml

(Picture: The Ordinary)

‘This smells kind of weird but goes on well, and is really thin so you don’t need to use much.

‘I have quite oily skin so this is just enough moisture for me, but might not be enough if you have dry skin.

‘Absorbs super quick.’

Is The Ordinary 100% vegan? Yes.


13. Sukin facial moisturiser, Holland and Barrett, £8.49 for 125ml

(Picture: Sukin)

‘This smells lovely and left my skin feeling really soft, but took quite a while to sink in so had to wait a while to put make up on.

‘I like the packaging – it’s a pump bottle so it’s easy to use and not get it all over everything trying to screw a cap back on.’

Is Sukin 100% vegan? Yes.


14. Pure hydration day cream with SPF 15, Waitrose, £6 for 50ml

(Picture: Waitrose)

‘When applied, the cream felt thick and not so easy to spread.

‘Due to the density, I only needed to apply a tiny amount but it did not absorb easily into the skin.

‘It felt more like a sunscreen lotion and the resulting look on the skin was also similar to sunscreen in that, it appeared white/greyish especially after sweating.’

Is Waitrose 100% vegan? No, other products contain animal derivatives.

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